Kadija Saccoh murder trial….


Judge warns jurors against kickbacks  

February 9, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Justice John Bosco Aliue yesterday issued a stern warning to the eleven-man jury empanelled to preside over the murder trial of Mariama Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah Kadija who allegedly murdered Madinatu Saccoh, not to receive kickbacks from anybody in return for influencing their decision.

“Jurors do not receive money from anybody to influence your decision on in this trial. Do the right thing and maintain your respect and dignity. If you receive money from anybody concerning this matter, you will lose your respect not only to the person who gives you the money, but also to the society as whole,” the judge warns.

He made the caution statement in an open court while addressing the jurors just after they have been listed to act as Judges of Fact, to preside over the death of 5-year-old Saccoh, whose demise attracted a huge public outcry last year.

Last week, the judge made another strong statement warning the public against the use of sarcastic statements on social media about the matter.

He also called on members of the public to desist from approaching any member of the jury until the end of the trial.

Meanwhile,Abubakarr Saccoh, father of five-year-old Kadija Madinatu Saccoh testified in the trial as the first state prosecution witness.

Led in evidence by State Prosecutor, Lawyer Joseph A.K Sesay, the witness recognized both accused persons and identified the deceased as his daughter. 

According to him, on 20th March, 2020, while he was in the United States, he received a telephone call from his aunt, Isatu Jabbie-Kabba, who informed him that his late daughter was not keeping well.

He said few minutes later, he received another call from the same aunt who informed him that his daughter has died.

He testified that he contacted some of his relatives to make a formal report to the police and requested that the remains of the daughter shouldn’t be buried until proper investigations are done.

The accused were arraigned on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to law.

Mariama Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah are before the court on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to law.

The State has alleged that both accused persons on Wednesday 17th June, 2020, at Spur Road in Freetown conspired with unknown persons to murder Kadija Madinatu Saccoh.