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Justice Biobele to observe Open Jury Week

July 4, 2019

By Dusuba Koroma   

Justice Biobele Geogewill, presiding over Commission Room No. 1, has yesterday, 3rd June 2019, disclosed that his commission will hold an Open Jury Week at the conclusion of the public hearing on September, this year, for the public to directly participate in the ongoing public investigations.

He stated that since he resumed office at the Commissions of Inquiry, he has enjoyed the privileges of all the lawyers and also the public because of his being considerate in the proceedings, adding that he has considered it fit to convene an Open Jury Week for the public to have their say.

He further stated that the Open Jury Week shall be opened to participation by all persons who duly indicate their interests to participate and that all interested persons must have followed closely any of the areas or matters investigated by Commission No. 1, or that the person has anything to say directly touching on the matter or areas of investigation by Commission room No. 1.

He said the person must indicate interest to participate in the Open Jury Week by registering with the Secretariat of the Commission of Inquiry with his particulars (name, telephone and matters of or areas of investigation).

He said the specific dates for the Open Jury Week shall be duly published to the general public in due course.

Justice Biobele stated that the Commission is the people’s Commission and that they must have a say in the process.

“When I’m through with all the investigations and evidences that have been tendered, if you think there’s something you need to say, for one week I will give the people of Sierra Leone the opportunity to say what they want to say and at the end of which I will have two months to look at the matters and come out with my findings and recommendations,” he explained.

He noted that everybody will be carried along and know what has happened and whatever conclusion is arrived at.

“There will be no secret because it will be opened to everybody. I want to know those who really followed these proceedings. I want to know the level of interest you generated so far. I want to know the views of the people of this country on evidences that have been led so far. Evidences not only from the state, but also evidences from cross examinations and everything. Taking all of them together, if you feel confident that you can say something or ask something, you will be allowed to do so come one week in September,” he said.

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