Judge to rule on SLPA matter


March 17, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Justice Patrick Hamilton, presiding judge in the ongoing matter involving 184 aggrieved sacked workers of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA), yesterday set a date to rule on an application made by the plaintiffs’ counsel, Elvis Kargbo.

Counsel Kargbo applied for the judge to rule  in favour of the plaintiffs, noting that the defendants and defence counsels had on several occasions been absent in court.

He noted that the defence counsel ought not to be told that the matter was being heard in an industrial court, and that it had dragged on for over three years without progress due to the attitude of the defendant.

“My Lord, there has been three adjournment dates now and neither the defendants nor their defence lawyers have been attending court. They have neither adhered to the demands of the plaintiffs, my Lord. I submit that you rule in favour of the plaintiffs in this matter,” Kargbo appealed.

Justice Hamilton implored the plaintiffs’ counsel to wait until Monday, 23 March for him to rule on his application.

The civil industrial matter was first presided over by Justice Vivian Solomon, now a judge of the apex court, who had urged the SLPA to pay the plaintiffs the remainder of monies owed them to bring closure to the matter.