Judge says ‘no more bail for robbery accused’


January 30, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Judge Alusine Sesay has said in Freetown that he would not grant bail to accused persons standing trial for armed robbery because armed robbers are on the rampage in the country.

Speaking during the call-over of the 2015 criminal session of the High Court early this week, the judge warned that robbery accused would be in for a tough time with him during the current session.

“I have changed my mind this time around, I will no longer give bail to accused persons that are standing trial for armed robbery, as it seems armed robbery is on the increase in the country and somebody needs to put a stop to this,” Judge Sesay vowed. “Some of these accused are faking the people by leaving their villages to come to the city with the pretence to come and learn skills, but once they’re here they convert into robbing innocent people.”

He explained that his change of stance was informed by a previous experience.

“There was a time when I gave bail to one accused person in a robbery matter and in that same week the accused was involved in another robbery in which he was caught and killed. I would have let him remain in prison, maybe that would have helped save his life,” he said with a hint of remorse.