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Judge orders re-run of Paramount Chieftaincy Election

June 4, 2021

By Regina Pratt

Justice Tonia Barnett on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021, nullified the Paramount Chieftaincy Election in Jaiama Chiefdom, Bo District and ordered a re-run of the said election.

Counsel for the Petitioner, Lawyer Alfred Kamanda, prayed that the court declares that the 1st Respondent was not duly elected as Paramount Chief.

In his argument, Lawyer Kamanda appealed for the court to order a re-run of the election on a convenient date that will be determined by the court.

 He also prayed that the court orders an interlocutory injunction against the 1st Respondent, who had already been sworn in as Paramount Chief.

Led in evidence by lawyer C. Vandi, counsel for the 1st Respondent, Kayteh Foday  Bassie, denies claims made by the petitioner that the election was enmeshed in fraud and procedural irregularities, stating that the election was free and fair.

He also argued that the eligibility to vote on the date of election was determined by names published in the gazette and evidence of local tax receipt from 2018 to 2019.

Responding, Lawyer C. Vandi, denied some of the allegations on behalf of his client                                                                                                                                   and led in evidence a number of witnesses during the course of the proceedings including Patrick Momodu Turay Jabbie, a losing candidate in the 1st rounds, who told the court that he did not see any Treasury Clerk selling local tax and Councillor’s receipt on day of election.

After listening to both sides and evidences before the Court, Justice Barnett further ruled that the 1st Respondent, Karteh Foday Bassie, was not duly elected as Paramount Chief.

She also ordered that the National Electoral Commission and its affiliate bodies conduct a fresh election between the Petitioner and the 1st Respondent within two months on a date and place to be communicated to them.

Petitioner Augustine Maada Kemoh Luseni Vandi-Yah on   October 25, 2019, petitioned the Paramont chieftaincy election that was conducted on October 19, 2019, between Augustine Maada Kemoh Luseni Vandi-Yah and Karteh Foday Bassie.

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