Judge orders bench warrant for absentee juror


By Yusufu S. Bangura

Justice Aiah Simeon Allieu of Siaka Steven Street High Court in Freetown has on Thursday 19th January ordered a bench warrant for the arrest and detention of Simeon Amara for his repeated absence in court.

Amara was empaneled to serve as juror in a murder matter.

The bench warrant comes immediately after the foreman, Brima Sama, told the court that simeon’s line has been called countlessly, but in futility.

The arrest and detention is to be effective from Thursday 19th January 2023 to 2nd February 2023 when the matter will come up again for further hearing,according to the judge.

The judge said he will follow the enforcement of that to the last point and that the friendship between the bench and Jurors is now suspended in the interest of expeditious and fair trial.

“The jurors were my friends, but I will suspend that friendship until we do the right thing,” said Justice Allieu.

Simeon Amara joins Stella Williams who was ordered by Justice Emy Wright on Wednesday 18th January for same.


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