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Judge accuses Undersheriff’s Office of stalling the judicial system

January 31, 2018 By Regina Pratt

Honourable Justice Komba kamanda has sensationally accused the office of the Undersheriff of frustrating the judicial process. He made this statement during the call over ceremony of the January 2018 Criminal Session at High Court No.1 Monday, apparently angered over the fact that only eight out of 35 jurors were present in court.

Justice Kamanda said: “those people are not treating this judiciary properly”, adding that “we cannot do anything particularly when we have capital offences for hearing”.

Head of bailiffs, Gerald Perry, told the Judge that they sent out subpoenas to the jurors. However, when Justice Kamanda enquired with the eight jurors if they were served any subpoena to attend court that day, one of them said he did not received any subpoena from the undersheriff’s office but knew that the session would open.

Justice Kamanda also charged the undersheriff’s office of habitually frustrating the judicial process, while the public blames Judges for inordinate delays.

“I will talk with the Chief Justice that they are not treating the Judiciary well. I know all of you were not served,” he said.

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