JSCO holds Inaugural Consultative Meeting


March 9, 2021

Participants at the meeting

 The JSCO on March 2nd, 2021 held the Inaugural meeting of the M&E Technical Working Group (TWG) with a focus on reporting on progress and challenges in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)16.

The maiden meeting was held at the Conference Room of the JSCO, Block 14, Special Court Building, Freetown.

The meeting brought together M&E Managers/representatives working on SDG 16 related issues from the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Law Reform Commission, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, the Independent Police Complaints Board, the National Commission for Children, the National Civil Registration Authority, Rainbo Initiative, Rights to Access Information Commission, Financial Intelligence Unit, Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Ombudsman, Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the Family Support Unit of the Sierra Leone Police.

In delivering the welcome address, the Coordinator of the JSCO, Mr. Shahid M. Korjie, welcomed the members of the newly constituted M&E Technical Working Group set up for reporting on Goal 16, using a sector-wide approach. The Coordinator informed the meeting that since Sierra Leone, like all other Member States of the UN has agreed to work towards achieving the objectives set forth by the SDGs, the country is also required to report annually to the UN on the progress it has made on the SDGs. The Coordinator furthered that this requires the development of Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks that should guide the process of collecting, collating, analysing and managing data provided by relevant institutions. “It was as a result of this requirement that in mid-2019, the JSCO, with support from the UNDP developed an M&E Framework for Reporting on SDG16” said the Coordinator. 

The Coordinator announced that given the importance of this international requirement for reporting on Goal 16, the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), with support from the Government of the Netherlands is supporting the JSCO in the implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Reporting on Goal 16. The newly constituted M&E Technical Working Group will therefore serve as the anchor for the successful implementation of the Framework, hence the need for the inaugural meeting. The Coordinator also stated that the IDLO programme further supports M&E capacity building initiatives. 

The meeting was climaxed by a PowerPoint presentation made by the JSCO Coordinator, during which he highlighted the importance of SDG 16, and the strides the Government of Sierra Leone continue to make towards achieving Goal 16.   He also noted that the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development oversees SDGs reporting on behalf of Sierra Leone. The Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is however the Focal Point for reporting on Goal 16. 

The JSCO Coordinator applauded both state and non-state actors working on Goal 16 issues, stating that in July 2019, Sierra Leone presented its Voluntary National Review (VNR) for the second time, at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the 2030 agenda and SDGs, in New York, USA, showcasing progress made in implementing the goals. He emphasised the need to develop a standardised format for reporting on Goal 16 and for the need to also develop Policy Guidelines for Reporting on SDG, for which the JSCO is working on.  

The presentation was followed by questions and answers session where participants sought clarifications on SDG 16 data collection, and reporting.  

In his closing remark, the JSCO Coordinator thanked the TWG for bringing their diverse expertise to the meeting. He encouraged all to make their recommendations towards the operationalisation of the TWG.