Joseph Sannoh shown the exit at NATCOM


March 18, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Heal Sierra Leone Public Lecture - Joseph Sannoh - YouTube
Joseph is looking into the future

Joseph Abass Sannoh of Heal Sierra Leone, a civil society activist who had accepted a presidential appointment as Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), has yesterday been sacked and relieved of his duties, according to a letter from State House, dated 16th March, 2021.

Sannoh was representing civil society at the commission, as per the provision of the NATCOM Act.

Although reasons behind his dismissal were not stated in the letter, but that could not be unconnected to his recent outburst against the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, David Sengeh.

 Sannoh had organized a press conference in which he accused the minister of conflict of interest-in that he influenced the recruitment of  his brother-in-law, Ambrose T. Sesay, as National Project Coordinator of the Sierra Leone Free Education Project, a project funded by World Bank.

He demanded that the Minister be sacked or suspended until after being investigated by a special committee or rather the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The letter  from State House reads, “I wish to refer to our letter reference OP/EP/50/401/01 of 15th November, 2018 appointing you as Member of the National Telecommunication Commission and to say that His Excellence the President has ordered that the said appointment be rescinded with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile,Sannoh stated on his WhatsApp status that, “ I want to thank President Bio for granting me the opportunity to serve in his government for this short time. I am gone but never to be forgotten. I knew it, I saw it, was expecting it and it has happened. There is more behind this sack letter guys, watch and see because we will stand up against nepotism at all cost no matter what. We Move!