Join the Western Union ‘Better Life’ promotion


April 7, 2017 By Regina Pratt


The Western Union is out again to reward its customers during the Easter period with the ‘Better Life’ promotion, after customers were rewarded with the ‘Win a Kitchen makeover’ in 2015 and the ‘Win a Home makeover’ in 2016.

This worldwide money transfer is a global company with over 500,000 locations connected with 200 countries and territories.

This 2017 ‘Better Life’ promotion had been organized by Union Trust Bank and First International Bank and it would offer people a chance to make their lives a little better than its already, by providing them, through the raffle draw, some fundamental equipment and logistics which they can use to start a small business.

In this promotion, customers would stand the chance to win laptops with printers, generators and sewing machines with stand and sewing fabric.

To qualify for the promotion, the customer has to send or receive money from relatives, friends or loved ones through Western Union during the ‘Better life’ promotion, which commenced on Saturday, April 1st and would end on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

The promotion is meant to offer an alternate source of income to customers by helping make their lives a little better by rewarding them for their loyalty with the Western Union Money Transfer.

The draw will be held in one of the TV stations in a live broadcast, witnessed by the media, bank agents and civil society representatives.

The winners will be immediately contacted of their winnings and be informed about when and where they should collect their prizes.