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John Sisay vows to build a ‘Betteh Salone’

August 2, 2017 


While launching his campaign manifesto as one of the leading flagbearer aspirants of the ruling All Peoples Congress Party (APC) John Bono Sisay, on Monday at the New Brookfield’s Hotel, vowed to build a better Sierra Leone for all and sundry.

“I am proud of Sierra Leone. I am proud of our people. I am proud of our party .And I am proud of our president. Today, because the foundation of our party and our president have put in place, we have once a generation with the opportunity to transform our country. I want to build a Betteh Salone,” he vowed.

He also vowed to build “A Sierra Leone where no-one is left beind.A Sierra Leone where everyone can get the education and healthcare they need. A Sierra Leone where there are jobs and opportunity for all .A Sierra Leone where justice is served and a Sierra Leone where everyone’s voice is heard.

As a fresh blood with a fresh thinking in the political landscape of Sierra Leone, John Sisay said the country has made huge strides in diverse areas and that: “We have nurtured peace. We have rebuilt the country the country and have laid a better foundation for stronger economy.

The APC flagbearer aspirant highlighted seven thematic areas within his campaign manifesto, including better education for all with 10,000 high quality teachers through a combination of new teacher recruitment and training.

He also promised better opportunities for the young with new jobs and programmes to help young people find work and start businesses; better justice for all with new Human Rights Act; better health for all with a trained health worker in every community and affordable primary and preventable health care; better help in hard times through the National Social Safety Net, better economy with National Prosperity Fund to invest in the future and a stronger Sierra Leone with big companies paying their way and better deal for small businesses.

John B.Sisay presented himself as a full blooded APC, having brought up under the roof of his parents, who were full blown and diehard supporters of the party.

“My parents were lifetime supporters of the party and I wish to continue celebrating my APC heritage,” he said.

John has traversed the length and breadth of the universe, having worked in South African and other countries in various capacities.

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