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Jiangsu Medical Team discharges first Ebola patients

April 8, 2015

The fourth batch of Chinese medical doctors from Jiangsu Province on Saturday April 4 discharged their first Ebola patients.

Katimu, a 24-year-old lady and Hawa, 35, were tested negative after being admitted and treated at the hospital in the past three weeks. They did two tests last week and both proved negative. The patients were happy to have been healed of the deadly disease.

In an interview with them, they said they were very happy to be alive and thanked the Chinese medical team for their care towards them throughout their treatment at the hospital. Hawa said: “We were treated like queens and even when we were told that the second test is negative and we should prepare to go home, we never wanted to go because the Chinese medics were so caring and friendly to us.”

Dr. Jiang said when the patients arrived at the hospital, their condition was very serious as they were vomiting and suffering from diarrhea, malaria and fatigue. “We said to ourselves that these ladies must survive, and we must do all in our power to save them,” he said.

Dr. Jiang said they did all they could to save their patients and that after the first week, all their vomiting and diarrhea stopped and started responding positively to treatment. “We were not only administering them with medication, some of our nurses were also counseling them so that they can be mentally strong. My nurses were very instrumental in saving their lives. They were playing with them and teaching them some Chinese phrases. They also did the same in Krio.”

He continued: “We treated them through scientific and effective fluid therapy, symptomatic treatment, nutrition therapy; all these helped to improve the physical condition of the patients.  At the same time, the Chinese Medical Team established a series of strict protection measures to ensure zero infection of their medical workers.”

Following strict Chinese standard protocols of sterilization and infection control, all healthcare workers, including Chinese staff and their Sierra Leonean colleagues, have maintained zero infection while operating medical procedures.

Although the temperature in the isolation ward can be as high as 35 degrees celsius, and wearing multiple layers of personal protection equipment, doctors and nurses at the hospital keep working hard. Their only purpose is to save as many Ebola patients as possible. The two patients no longer displayed Ebola symptoms, and the special test results twice proved negative.

According to the regulation, the patients should be discharged so that they can be reunited with their families.

The 4th batch of Chinese Medical Team arrived in Freetown on 14th March this year and has been providing healthcare service to Ebola patients admitted at the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital at Jui in the outskirts of Freetown.

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