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JAFAA Global Awards 2014: vote for Pastor Aiah Momoh

SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 By Alusine Sesay

One of the leading Sierra Leonean film directors, Pastor Aiah Momoh, has called on Sierra Leoneans to vote for him in the upcoming JAFAA Global Awards 2014 that will be hosted in England on November 8.

Pastor Momoh, who is Director of The Ushers Movie Production, has been nominated for best director and screenplay. He is contending with three others from Nigeria, Ghana and the United States for the best director’s award.

In all 78 films were submitted from around Africa and the world.

“I am leading the vote and I want Sierra Leoneans to vote for me,” he called. “I have developed a simple vote plan to follow and it should be done on line.”

To vote, go on line at www.zafaa.com and click vote on the webpage. Scroll down to the icon where it is written “YOU CAN NOW VOTE” and click on the icon, this action would take you to the login box. In the login box, there are two spaces provided: “USER NAME” and “PASSWORD”. In the username space, enter (aiah momoh) and in the password space, enter (mafavour)

Just underneath the user name, there is a text box with the inscription, “enter text”. There is a code given just above the text box which could be numbers or words….enter that code into the text box and click “LOGIN”. This will take you to the category page and you will scroll and look for BEST DIRECTOR and click on it.

Note, do not click on best director UK or best director indigenous, just look for the category of best director and click on it. This will take you to the names competing for BEST DIRECTOR and on that list you will see the name of AIAH MOMOH. Click in the circle before the name and then scroll down to click vote and you will receive a message telling you that you have successfully voted for this poll.

After voting for best director, go back to the category page and follow the same process to vote for “AIAH MOMOH” for (best screenplay). After you finish voting for best screenplay, go back to the category page and follow the same process to vote for “Collins Archile-Pearce for best supporting Actor UK.

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