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Israel’s cyber defense chief: We know who is attacking us and we know how to get even

So important is their mission that the room where they track cyberattacks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is itself a bomb shelter — meaning even if rockets are raining down, their work does not stop.

On some of the screens, maps of the world show what look like missiles originating in the United States and Europe heading toward Israel. They’re not actual bombs, but instead, indications that a cyberattack, either originating — or more likely — being spoofed to look like it’s coming from those locations, is targeting Israel’s civilian infrastructure.

While Israel’s military and intelligence services secure its government and military in the cyberworld, Israel’s National Cyber Directorate is responsible for coordinating the monitoring and defense of Israel’s civilian life.

The directorate is lead by Yigal Unna, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite 8200 cyber unit and of…

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