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Isha Johansen laments Blatter resignation

June 4, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr.

Sierra Leone Football Association president Isha Johansen has said she is sorry to see “father figure” Blatter leave in the manner that he has.

“I’m disappointed that he’s had to leave under the circumstances that are now unfolding, but there is also the feeling of relief as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about the game. It’s not about one person. Fifa’s not Blatter. Blatter’s not Fifa,” said Madam Johansen.

“Blatter finds himself in a situation where it’s one thing after the other coming out and whether he can defend, whether he can’t defend, whether his people has let him down. I think he needs to rise above it and, as any good leader would do, step down for the sake of football. It is becoming overwhelming. These allegations and the circus around football have just taken over football itself.”

Johansen added how Blatter has been “good for the African continent” and “good for African football growth”.

“Africa respects him for that. ‘Owes’ him? I don’t think is probably the right word.”

Meanwhile, Johansen explained how Blatter had helped lift the profile of football in Africa.

She told BBC Radio Five Live: “Sepp Blatter has raised the game of football for Africa, the African continent, the African players. In terms of Sierra Leone, like I said in congress, I gave him a small speech talking about Ebola. Ours is a country that has seen catastrophe beyond anything unimaginable. If it wasn’t the civil war, which ran for almost 20 years, it was the Ebola crisis.

“Time and time again we’ve had to pick up the pieces, economically, socially and definitely with football.”

Asked if Blatter had been a “hero” to Sierra Leone and their recent problems, Johansen added: “I don’t really like the word ‘indebted’. I think it’s immense appreciation and also respect for somebody that can say, ‘look, you guys keep falling, you’re crawling, you’re creeping – I’m there to pick you up and give you guys a push’.”

Blatter will remain in charge until a successor can be elected, which is expected to happen between December and March.

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