Is Alfred Peter Conteh APC’s best bet to take on Maada Bio in the 2023 polls?


By Johnson Cummings

From the court room to mainstream politics, it is evident that Sierra Leone has been blessed with a new face emerging into our body politics. It’s a meet with the Odugu!! For the first time since taking up the mantle of the APC party leadership, Alfred Peter Conteh: APC’s revered Chairman storms East End of Freetown gracing an august gathering of grassroots based supporters of the All People’s Congress Party.  It was a stampede, as grassroots supporters mish-mashing their way to the hall, old women spreading along the way their lappas on the ground, young men beating the drums to a shaken wall, while the “Matormas” secured the way with spiritual incantations, the Odugu was welcomed with the traditional songs of a red carpet. The storms of a hopeful 2023 can be seen clearly from the scenes of Wellington. Even those who have been claiming to have the grassroots supports were left with mouth wondering question, is this real? A new face has emerged, the body polity of the All People’s Congress Party has been revitalized to engage more on peaceful dialogue with government institutions as a responsible opposition than the I don’t care attitude of the former days. During yesterday’s September 18th 2022 august gathering, the message to the APC grassroots has been made simple and clear. “The fight to redeem the APC party is one that primarily focuses on creating a level playing field where the best man wins through the people’s voice. It is a Congress for the people, it is only one Congress we have, so let’s make the best out of it to ensure we retain the ideology and philosophies of this congress. We are the All People’s Congress Party not the some people’s Congress, so let’s make our Congress attractive again to the common man.” Alfred Peter Conteh, Chairman Of The All People’s Congress Party asserts.

What has become of today’s meeting from the scenes in Wellington; East End part of Freetown, one would argue that the All People’s Congress Party has found a leader in him. Many onlookers were anxiously asking: is Alfred Peter Conteh APC’s best best to take on Maada Bio in 2023? The answer to this could be referenced to the scenes of what came out of Wellington Community Center. As a democratic peace loving Sierra Leonean who has always prioritized the common man’s purpose in politics, the people are now left with no option but to join the hopeful train that will take them to Zion. The driver to a reformed APC is himself a reform minded leader. This has made it merrier for all to be hopeful that a new down in the APC is achievable. The chanting from the crowds, the loyalty shown by supporters are all indications that the paopa government are hesitantly been shaken by these grisly events bringing much to the debate of his possible standout for the 2023 polls. Bringing power back to the people, he has assured his grassroots people in the East End part of Freetown during this all talked about meeting that the time to take APC back to power is already here, all the party needs now is for it supporters to register more and sing the victory songs in the ballot boxes. “There is no two way to it, our best bet to take back State House is through the democratic means of the ballot. We are a law abiding party and so we must stick to those principles.” Warming up for his country wide tour, the APC grassroots are now of the conviction that the man in Alfred Peter Conteh remains the few good people this country has been yearning for, and if we are to see the promise land, then, behold the time is here!!! The APC in APC is here to take us back to power.