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Iran’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone discusses 36th Iranian Revolution Anniversary with the Press

February 11, 2015

This year marks the 36th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. It was in 1979 that the late Ayatollah Khomeini led the people of Iran to bring about a national transformation, bringing an end to an autocratic, corrupt and oppressive regime. The country encountered many hurdles on its path to development, but today, it has become one of the fastest developing nations in the world. Every year, the Iranian Revolution is commemorated at home and abroad. This year, on February 9, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Sierra Leone His Excellency Lotfollah Bakhatiari, at the embassy in Murray Town, west of Freetown, held a press conference with few journalists led by The Patriotic Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief Alpha Rashid Jalloh. The event is usually celebrated on February 11 every year, especially at the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Sierra Leone.

Below is a welcome speech by His Excellency Lotfollah Bakhatiari, followed by questions from the press…

“I wish with pleasure to welcome you all to the Embassy and also to express my appreciation for honoring my invitation to this press conference.

I do not wish to make any statement in respect of the Islamic Revolution which on 11th February marks 36th Anniversary of its victory and the formation of Iranian National day. I would like to only invite questions from you relating to this revolution which you are quite aware of and familiar with.

I am doing this in line with the decision I earlier made to cancel the ceremony marking this anniversary just in order to comply with the rules and regulations of this country and to show support of the government in respect of the State of Health Emergency declared by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and to be in solidarity with the friendly people during this Ebola epidemic crisis in the country”.

His Excellency Lotfollah Bakhatiari then responded to questions from the press:

Q1. The 11th February marks the 36th Anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran; could your Excellency please explain more about the victory of this Revolution and its outcome? 

  1. During the reign of Pahlavi King the government of Iran was totally dependent on foreign countries and the people were suffering hardship under the yolk of oppression, as the country was not independent in the national interest of the people who were left with no alternative but to resort to social mobilization and rise up in a Revolutionary Movement which was led by the great leader late Imam Khomeini. During the uprising the people who were guided by Islamic ideology, gave a lot of sacrifices and abnegation and made the Pahlavi King fled the country on the 11th February 1979 culminating to the overwhelming victory and triumphant of the Islamic Revolution and the formation of the Islamic Republic.

The aim of this Revolutionary movement which was for the establishment of Freedom, Independence, and Islamic Republic a path that still continues under the great spiritual leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Q2. It would be great pleasure if your Excellency would kindly dilate on the achievements of the Islamic Revolution?

  1. From the onset of the victory of the Revolution the leaders were quick to map out a new independent strategic plan of neither East nor West with a related plan of action for development in Economic, Social, Cultural, Educational and Scientific Fields. The result of this Independent strategic visionary plan of action  gained Iran great success in growth and development in many  fields such as the establishment of a giant Smelting Industry, various types of Vehicles Manufacturing Companies, Locomotive, Railway and Wagon Production Company as well as various Infrastructural constructions and all types of Building Materials, Electricity and Electronic Industry and other Technologies and Industrial development necessary for the development of the country, etc.

The Provision of Engineering Services with New Technologies has led the country to achieve Self Sufficiency in various fields. For example, the Country has achieved great progress and development in Agriculture using New Advanced Irrigation Technology and Mechanized System with the Production of High Quality Fertilizers registering as a result, the Production of large quantity with high standard quality of Agricultural and Food Product to a point where the country is actively engaged in exporting large quantity to surrounding countries.
Another success in the same scientific development has been by which Iran has become a Major producer of Science and Technology at regional and International Level.

Furthermore, Iran has also scored tremendous Success in achieving Brilliant Progress in many new fields, for example, in respect of Nano Technology Iran is credited with the Seventh (7th) rank in the World for using this Technology in providing Health Services and for Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products that has also allowed the Country to become a Major Exporter not only Pharmaceutical but also medical equipment to many Middle Eastern Countries. In this regard, Iran has also earned the credit for being among the leading countries in the world in Medical Science.

Recently Iran successfully placed into orbit a domestically made Fajir (Dawn) Satellite.
In addition, Iran’s scientific experts have been able to use Stem cell Biological technology for Bio Medicine rating the country among the few Countries with progress in the use of this Technology.

Another progress has been also been made by Royan Research Centre for achieving other great success in the same stem cell biological technology. Another furthered success registered in the same stem cell technology is the domestic animal imagery production. These achievements together are a great success to the Islamic Revolution.

Iran Researchers and Scientists are well known in famous international Academic and Scientific institutions around the World for which they are credited together with their show of Collaboration and cooperation.

With main Focus on development, the Country has been able to establish and make expansion of so many higher educational and scientific institutions including many universities. About 60% of University students are females pointing out to the fact of the high position women enjoy in the domestic Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowadays women are in parallel with men in the private and Civil Sectors with brilliant activities as many of them also occupy managerial and administrative levels in different areas.

Q3. What is the problem in relation to the nuclear energy issue of the Islamic Republic of Iran in recent years?

  1. The peaceful nuclear technology of Iran is one of the important scientific achievements after the Islamic Revolution, a fact acknowledged around the world for the success of this achievement as a result of our domestic effort which has become a total national achievement of Iran for the purpose of medical services and many other useful benefits.

As this Technology is one that is concentrated and confined in the hands of only few Industrial Developed Countries. Iran’s achievement of such technology has led the country to become self-sufficient. In spite of the constant statement by the Iranian authorities regarding the peaceful use of this technology also with the IAEA approval of Iran’s peaceful intention, and more importantly the many repeated statement by the spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei following his Edict concerning the prohibition Islam made for the production and use of weapons of mass destruction, still some countries which seemed frightened and unhappy for Iran’s progress for its Technological achievement, are using this Iranian peaceful intention as an issue not only for their political propaganda but also as a  vicious weapon to discredit,  frustrate and isolate the Islamic Republic. But the ongoing negotiation between P5+1 Countries has finally led the some countries to acknowledge Iran’s right for their peaceful use of this Technology, and hopefully the ongoing negotiation will be finalized.

Q4. You Excellency could you kindly explain about the diplomatic Bilateral Relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Sierra Leone and what is your commentary in this regard?

  1. The relation between the two countries is not only cordial but also excellent expanding to nearly three decades, with the establishment of Embassies. From the past to the present, there has been exchange of visits by many high ranking Government officials of the two countries. We hope that after the Ebola crisis the exchange of such visits will commence and continue for exploring further mutual cooperation. Before the Ebola crisis the two countries saw many delegations from the sector of agriculture industry and construction companies making exchange visits with a view of exploring avenues for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and this is expected to continue after the Ebola crisis.

    Q5. Your Excellency in respect of efforts you are making towards the expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries what suggestions do you have in this respect?

  2. The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Freetown (including myself and colleague members of the Embassy) have so far done our best towards the strengthening of the bilateral friendly relationship and expansion of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Sierra Leone in diverse fields, and this will continue especially, in Economic and Trade sectors. At the present moments efforts are concentrated on the establishment of a Joint Economic Committee between the two countries that will be permanent to boost collective efforts in economic and trade activities for the benefit of the two Nations. There are also ongoing activities between Chamber of Commerce of both countries in an effort to strengthen and expand economic and trade cooperation between the two countries which has seen in recent times so some many held meetings as well as Trade Fair exhibitions. The aim of exchange of visits is also a means by which our Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters will be provided with the opportunity not only for them to be acquainted with the facts about Iran but also to foster common desire for economic cooperation.

In conclusion, as an Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic Sierra Leone I wish to welcome all private sectors with my announcement that they must consider the Embassy their second home. It is also my pleasure to further mention my readiness to help in facilitating the expansion of their business activities and collaboration with the Iranian private sectors.
It is my pleasure once more to express appreciation for the arrangement of this interview with you the members of the fourth estate of this Republic.

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