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Iran nuclear talks: US is deeply skeptical and considering taking tougher action as Iran says it will return to talks

The fact the new hardline Iranian government has appointed a negotiating team led by opponents of the deal has only increased the sense of pessimism.

Sources in Washington tell CNN there is an ongoing debate within the Biden administration about how to proceed and how much to increase the pressure on Iran.

However, they say the US and its allies are now more willing to impose a higher cost on Iran for failing to come to an agreement if Tehran continues to take actions that are inconsistent with the 2015 nuclear deal and bring it closer to developing a nuclear weapon.

‘Closely coordinate’

The sources wouldn’t detail what those costs might be, but one person familiar with discussions tells CNN that Biden will discuss potential options during his G20 meetings with allies and that those costs could be imposed even as the Iran talks are underway.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan,…

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