IPCSP, Ghaddar inaugurate new product


February 11, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Pressmen and company owners at the press conference during the presentation

Integrated Power Control Solution Power (IPCSP) and Ghaddar Machines Company have on 7th February, 2019, engaged customers and company owners about their new products.

Speaking during a press conference at the Family Kingdom Complex, Aberdeen in Freetown, Sales and Business Development Coordinator, Karim Ghaddar, said their company is the living worldwide machines manufacturer that has existed for a long period of time and that they offer hybrid facilities to their customers.

He stated that they were always ahead of their customers, suppliers and employees’ expectations.

Karim Ghaddar said they invited the press, so as to introduce their product  to the telecom companies, and to also  introduce their solar system to companies that operate on large scale.

He said the solar system would help generate high power capacity for companies and would also decrease electricity bill or generator operation in the country, as well as help people save money.

He added that the main objective of the project was to show customers how their technology system operates and at the same time chart the way forward as to how they would work with businesspeople.

Account Manager at Ghaddar Machinery Company, Mohammed Ali Ghaddar, said they have been in Sierra Leone for the past 6-7 months, and that they have provided solar system to companies free of charge, as well as provided EDSA with machines.

He said they were in partnership with government and that their system would work with the utility sector across the country.

He noted that they would offer different solutions to some rural areas including solar system, batteries and machines.

The Account Manager said they also provide energy for telecommunications companies that would supply high electricity for them during operation.

Managing Director at Sierratel Mobile Company, Senessie Kallon,promised to  working  with the company to improve  the power capacity of his company.

He underscored that power is very important for him as it has been a major challenge in the country.

 “I want everyone to buy solar system as it will help someone to save money and when the sun save your fuel, you will make profit,” he said.