Investor Group explores Sierra Leone Opportunities


 October 23, 2018


South African business guru Johann Steenberg, in company of their attorney Mr. François Bezuidenhout, visited Sierra Leone to explore areas of investment opportunities.

During the one week visit, they met with top government officials both in Freetown and in the provinces, including several chiefdoms, with a view to seeing first hand mining opportunities, agriculture and other business opportunities.

In a chat with this news medium, Mr. Steenberg explained that they are willing, ready and able to invest in several areas where opportunities abound.

He stated that their business model will take into consideration the plight of the people who continue to bear the brunt of poverty.

“As a responsible investment group, we intend to embark on not only responsible corporate social responsibility, but will go further to invest in the people themselves in order to alleviate poverty through economic empowerment in line with the government’s New Direction aspirations,” he stated.

On areas of business interest, he went on to say that they will be investing in mining, oil, agriculture, gold refining, diamond polishing, aviation and fisheries. He further stated that they will soon be engaging with the government with a view to constructing schools and hospitals that will help strengthen the government’s free education and healthcare system.

“We will bring in helicopters that will help lift products from the mining hinterlands, evacuate the sick for proper medical attention, distribute medicines and serve as a shuttle service. We also intend to bring in Boeing 737s and explore the possibility of stepping in as a national carrier. We have come here and have seen the needs of the country, by the time we return in a couple of weeks, we would have incorporated our business name and would be able to engage the communities and other stakeholders, including the government, and present our business models which will be a win-win for the country,” he concluded.

Messrs. Steenberg and Bezuidenhout have since returned to South Africa, but are expected back in the country soon.