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The Rebirth of Sierra Leone

February 22, 2021

Chief Thonkla, the torchbearer for growth

Chief Thonkla and his team have already declared their intent to bring new growth to the heart of Sierra Leone, with solid policies of Gender Equality, International Collaboration, Cohesive Departmental Service Delivery and increased Psychological Awareness for all.

A leader that understands the power and potential of our people, and is prepared to support, nurture and harness that strength, is almost unique but Chief Thonkla is a truly unique leader. With a focus and dedication to the Rebirth of Sierra Leone rather than personal glorification or financial gain.

After years of national trauma, it is imperative that the country is supported to recover, restore and revive. Chief Thonkla and his team have taken Mental Health awareness to the heart of their policy development and service delivery approaches. In 2023 Sierra Leone has the opportunity to have a leader that is READY to support the country to RECOVER from the trauma and pain of the past. A leader that is WILLING to work with others to RESTORE the stability and pride,a leader that is ABLE to harness Sierra Leones potential and REVIVE the countries founding principles of Freedom, Democracy and Justice for all.

Chief Thonkla’s Spokesperson said “The Rebirth of Sierra Leone can only be realised, when the Emotional and psychological well-being of the people is fully integrated into the functions of our societal infrastructure. Chief Thonkla’s dedication to this can be seen in his work with Ayanay Psychological Accreditation and the Framework for Positive Mental Health, that is at the heart of his blue prints for Children’s Social Care, Education, Crime Reduction, Youth Engagement, and Emotional Well-being.” 

The systems, protocols and evolutions that Chief Thonkla is bringing to the country may seem a radical departure, from what has been in place, but what has been in place, has not delivered a positive outcome for the people of Sierra Leone. It is time to embrace the future, to act on the lesson of our past and to let our people shine, to collaborate not compete, to connect and grow. This is only possible by bringing balance to our lives. This means growing our awareness and appreciation of Mental Health.

Mental Health is a constant element of the human condition, it is not a negative label to be brandished to belittle, or devalue a person’s lived experience. To use Mental Health in such a way is to show the fear and weakness of the oppressor. Every human has a scale of mental health, just as they have a scale of physical health. Chief Thonkla and his team recognise this, and bring an understanding that every individual is made up of 3 core parts, Emotional, Physical and Psychological. It is the balance of these 3 parts that allow us to experience the fullest of life’s gifts. Supporting our people to achieve a greater balance for themselves, through creating an environment where government services are mindful of the impacts of trauma is a key motivator for the Rebirth of Sierra Leone. Trauma and life experiences are the factors that most impact on a person’s Mental Health Scale and these impacts are as varied and personal to each of us, as a finger print. Our responses to trauma are what drives our actions and in a nation that is recovering from mass trauma, it is refreshing to have a future leader, ready, willing and able to acknowledge, embrace and openly discuss the topic of Mental and Emotional Well-being. Moreover, Chief Thonkla is not just discussing the topic, he and his team are building solutions that support everyone.

Being a Torchbearer for Growth means shining a light on the areas that need to grow and our mental health awareness is an area that has been kept in the dark for too long. The Rebirth of Sierra Leone is coming and it is bringing a positive Mental Health approach with it. Chief Thonkla and his team are bringing the Rebirth of Sierra Leone.

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