Information Minister interacts with CSOs


August 23, 2018

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Minister Mohamed Swarray and Kalilu Totangi

Minister of Information and Communication has called on civil society activists to work with the government and respond to accountability issues, adding that democracy is not restricted to elections but rather creating a platform for accountability, transparency and good governance.

Mohamed Raman Swarray made the statement at his ministry’s conference hall yesterday during an interactive session with civil society activists of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

He said the SLPP campaigned on a platform of open government, which the new administration was committed to support.

“I want to thank you all for coming to this meeting. In the coming days and weeks, we will start the commission of inquiry. This is not any witch-hunt as it was referred to by others. I want you all as civil society to come onboard because this deals with transparency and accountability. This is the beginning of our long journey in strengthening our democracy,” he said.

The New Direction, under President Julius Maada Bio, has vowed to tackle corruption and administer an open and transparent government. Since assuming office in April, the administration has received plaudits from within and without for demonstrating willingness to fight graft, raise record billions in revenue, and stem profligacy in public expenditure.

Also, by way of constitutional instruments tabled in parliament, it has proposed a judicial inquiry into the activities of public officials, including the former President and Vice Presidents, Ministers and Deputies and Chairmen and heads of parastatals. This, following a government transitional team report that catalogued widespread corruption and racketeering by former public officials.