‘Individual personality paramount in run-off poll’


- APC National Publicity Secretary

March 16, 2018 By Regina Pratt

APC Publicity Secretary Cornelius Deveaux

National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Peoples Congress has averred that the individual personality of the candidates will be paramount in the presidential run-off election scheduled for March 27.

The presidential aspirant of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and the standard bearer of the ruling All Peoples Congress will face-off in a crucial run-off to decide who becomes president.

Deveaux maintained that the individual personality of both men would be more important than the party as quite a good number of Sierra Leoneans know their respective political parties.

While speaking on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation ((SLBC)’s ‘Morning Coffee’ programme on Wednesday, March 14, Deveaux claimed that a good number of Sierra Leoneans would not base their decision to vote on the track record of the political parties but that of the two men.

“Political parties were calling for change but the change they were preaching was reflected in the ballot box. The choice we need now is seen in Dr. Samura Kamara and we are certainly impressed with the results,” he said.

He said that the percentage announced by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for the presidential election was 103% and that as a party they didn’t know the strategy the commission used to do their calculations.

However, NEC has since explained that the percentage was such because they rounded up decimals in their calculation involving sixteen political parties.

The APC National Publicity Secretary said: “Many people have questioned the votes and there was some form of tampering, but as a ruling party we swallowed the bitter pills and believed that we have a greater responsibility to ensure peace and tranquility prevail in the country.”

However, Mr. Deveaux’s claim of ‘tampering’ cannot been independently verified.