Indian Community Donates 14 Solar Led Street Lights to Wellington Community


The Indian Community in Sierra Leone has, on the 27th May, 2024, donated 14 Solar Led Street Lights to residents of the Wellington Community during a snappy but important occasion held at the Choithram Supermarket situated within the locality. Present at the auspicious event were Neeraj Kumar Saini, the Charge d’ Affaires of the High Commission of India in Sierra Leone, Harish Agnani the Chief Administrator of Choithram Group of Companies, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 115, Hon. Alpha Bah, Councillor Isata Leigh, Chief Pa Alimamy Sesay, Officer in Charge of the Wellington Police Station, Amara Kanu, a cross section of the Indian Community and some residents of the community.

In his statement, the Charge d’ Affaires of the High Commission of India in Sierra Leone, Neeraj Kumar Saini , intimated that the money used to procure the solar led street lights was generated from the proceeds of a celebration they held. He furthered that as per tradition such funds are used to undertake charitable work or activities maintaining that this time around the Indian Community decided honour a felt need of the community, which is electricity.

The Charge d’ Affaires went on to state that it is their candid belief that the street lights will be highly beneficial to the residents as they will help in alleviating various problems that are directly connected to non -availability of lights adding how they will make the various places that they will be installed bright and decent.

On his part, Harish Agnani, the Chief Administrator of Choithram Group of Companies, reiterated what the Charge d’ Affaires stated and went on to enjoined the community residents to handle them with care for sustainability sake. He pointed that if something wrong happen to the street lights out of negligence and carelessness the Indian Community will not be in a position to rectify any problem that may occur stressing that such will mark the end of any goodwill intervention by them. Harish Agnani revealed how they will provide twelve solar led street lights which will be installed at strategic positions within the Wellington Community.

In his contribution, Hon Alpha Bah, stated how this not the very first time that they are receiving a donation from the Indian Community in Sierra Leone.

According to him what they are now witnessing was a materialization of a community request that was made some time ago. He praised the Indian Community for helping the Wellington Community with various infrastructural supports. The Parliamentarian expressed the view that with the installation of the street lights they will help to minimize crime rates within the community and make the community very safe. He thanked the Indian Community for the donation further assuring that they will take utmost care of them. Hon Alpha Bah said out of the street lights that will be installed they have decided to prioritize the Wellington Police Station although it was not originally included. It was at that point that Harish Agnani magnanimously announced that they will provide an additional two solar street lights solely for the Police Station. That offer automatically increased the number of solar street lights to fourteen from the initial twelve that were donated.

Councillor Isata Leigh, in her few words mentioned how the solar led street lights came timely as reliable electricity supply has become a big challenge in the country. She also mentioned the cordial relationship that exists between the Wellington Community and the Indian Community saying that it is mutually beneficial for both parties. The Councillor pleaded for more developmental interventions underscoring how there are varying felt needs that should be addressed.

Officer in Charge of the Wellington Police Station, Amara Kanu, alias Maradona, expressed delight for the donation also disclosing how the Police Station was even built by the Indian Community. He maintained that with the installation of the street lights within the community they will help them in their night patrols. “When there is light it is easy to patrol,” he said adding he is praying that more will be provided stressing that it is important for the hill tops to be lit as it is those places that criminals lurk. He praised the Member of Parliament and Councillor for their relentless efforts in ensure that various development activities are undertaken within the community and pleaded to the Indian Community to work closely with them and give them support. He ended up expressing gratitude for the donation.

The Chief ,Pa Alimamy Sesay, reiterated what the other community stakeholders have said and added the numerous benefits enjoyed by residents because of the operations of various Indian owned business entities ranging from providing employment opportunities to the construction of public toilets, markets etc. He expressed hope that the cordial relationship will continue to grow from strength to strength ending up expressing appreciation and gratitude for the donation of the solar led street lights.

Climaxing the occasion was the donation of the Solar Led Street Light by Neeraj Kumar Saini and Harish Agnani to the community stakeholders.


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