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India, Dubai representative in town to invest in energy

January 25, 2021

Chief Ewie Aimienwauu, boarded to Salone

A representative of top wealthy companies in the world operating in India and United Arab Emirates (UAE),has finally landed in Sierra Leone on Sunday , 24th January, after a three-year consideration with his partners. 

Chief Ewie Aimienwauu, a Nigerian born national,arrived for the first time in the country together with his colleague, Ms. Sotonye Biebele Russell, all from Nigeria to represent both Hansa Energy Solutions in Dubai and China and the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) in India, to start investing in the energy sector, having convinced that Sierra Leone is potentially viable for real investment after series of assessments since 2017.

Chief Ewie, who is also the Managing Director (MD) of Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited, the Nigerian leading provider of solar generator rental for the residential, commercial and industrial sector company,is in the country to represent the two world richest energy companies with a net worth of $32 billion United Sates Dollars in Dubai, China and in India. He said the Ukpa Hansa Energy Solution Limited is a subsidiary company of both firms. Chief said Sierra Leone’s operations would soon commence after the necessary arrangements have completed.

In a discussion last night with Mr. Samuel Ben Turay, the company’s contact person in Sierra Leone, who also doubles as the consultant for the Mano River Union (MRU) countries for the company, Chief Ewie Aimienwauu said they brought two separates agenda for Sierra Leone – one is to boost the energy sector and two is to alleviate poverty on people.

 “I am here with my colleague representing two world giant companies in renewable energy that have prepared to invest in Sierra Leone’s energy sector in one hand and eradicate abject poverty in another hand, through our cheaper, cleaner, safer, accessible and a sustainable energy which is the benchmark to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 by 2030,” said Ukpa Hansa.

Chief Ewie is among the list of African experts in Renewable Energy (Solar), who has held senior executive positions in a number of energy companies across the world before establishing his Ukpa Hansa, such as: CEO at the Twin Lakes South Wing Limited in Nigeria, President at the World Ewie Services Limited, Head Commercial & Marketing Intelligence, at the National Council for Arts and Culture in Nigeria, Executive Chairman, at the Lepoini Integrate Concept in Nigeria, and presently services as the President/CEO of Light Up Africa Care Foundation.

Samuel Ben Turay, who had flown to many countries across the globe including China, Nigeria and Kenya seeking for potential Investors to come to Sierra Leone and has recently succeeded to convince the India, China, UAE and Nigeria biggest energy companies to come to Sierra Leone and invest.

“Had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic, we would have been here since last year, 2020,” said the Nigerian energy expert.

Chief Ewie further admitted that for the past four years, his company has been receiving regular reports from  Ben Turay on government’s effort to remove its people from darkness and linking young people to economical projects like; fisheries, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and education among the list, but the 38-year-old man believes that private companies need to come and aid the government in certain areas.

“Sierra Leone was chosen to invest in by our company because, our representative Mr. Ben Turay has presented a lot of research reports on both the country’s openness in International investments and the high unemployment rate of youths in the Country, especially his 700, 000 Ataya Base members who are in a daily basis converged at all the 1, 500 Ataya Bases discovered nationwide in a survey conducted few years ago in the country waiting to be connected to either to the central government or to the local government. Sierra Leone is going to be the sixteen (16) Countries our company is going to invest in. We have finally come. We are here to settle the energy problem, as we did in other Countries to help the government in achieving its aims,” Chief Ewie assured.

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