Independent mayoral candidate supports cleaning of Dove Cutt market 


By Jeneba A Conteh

An independent candidate for the position of Mayor of the Freetown City Council (FCC),Madam  Seray Kabba, has commenced a cleaning exercise at Dove Cut market on Sunday, December 11 2022.

The cleaning exercise is also expected to target the Bombay Street Market, Kroo Town Road Market and Congo Market, among several others.

Chairman, Dove Cutt Youth Organization, Alhaji Mohamed Kamara, said the move made by Madam Seray Kabba was a step in the right direction, adding that with support from people like Madam Seray Kabba and other well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, it will be far more better for them because most people don’t just come to sell their goods, but also stay in the community.

Abass Kabba, Western Area Coordinator for Madam Seray Kabba said  the gesture was a manifestation of Madam Kabba’s  interest in and care for her people, noting that she had also embarked on several laudable ventures in  the past.

He noted that Dove Cutt community  was full of filth and for Madam Seray, it is part of her job to be conducting cleaning exercise in Sierra Leone.

He continues that the cleaning exercise was fully funded by the independent mayoral candidate, adding that the cleaning exercise comprises twenty-seven youth groups from the Dove Cutt community, with a lot of logistical support.

 He said they will be cleaning all the major markets in Freetown as they believe that cleaning and development are part of their priority areas.

He encouraged every Sierra Leonean to give Madam Seray a chance for better Sierra Leone come 2033 election.

Madam Seray Kabba, who is a Sierra Leonean based in the United States, said she is a humanitarian and founder of the Seray Kabba Children Empowerment and the Magazine,Piken Foundation.

She said her foundation has been supporting children for the past ten years with over two thousand children benefiting from educational material supplies.

She said that was not the first cleaning exercise she had embarked on and that she has been doing it for the past years.

She noted that while she was in Freetown she observed that the various market communities were very unkept, adding that she  was raised at the Dove Cutt community and that  market women have  been calling on her  for help, to enable them embark on cleaning exercise.

Madam Kabba said the cleaning exercise meant a lot to her because the Dove Cut community where she was raised, was very un-kept and not good for humans, hence she vied for the position of mayor so that she could save the community from disease outbreak.

Madam Seray said  she decided to be an independent candidate  because the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) have failed the nation for decades with a lot of unfulfilled promises.

She said she didn’t believe in any of them, that is why she has been doing her thing in her own way.

She said she just needed a bigger space to complete her intentions for all-loving Sierra Leoneans and that she wanted to change the city of Freetown once again to the good old days.

She further stated that she will be in Freetown come next year to intensify her campaign and talk to all Sierra Leoneans as to why they should choose her as mayor of Freetown.

She said people should believe in her as she will be working with the people of Freetown and pledged to beautify Freetown once  she  is elected mayor.


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