In the South-East: APC laments alleged continuous attacks on it supporters

APC Flagbearer,Dr.Samura Kamara

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

In a press statement issued yesterday, June 20th, the All People’s Congress (APC) Party catalogued alleged continuous attacks on its supporters in the southern and eastern provinces, coupled with the vandalisation of their party offices in Kailahun, Bonthe and Pujehun, and the burning down of their party office in Bo on the 19th of June, 2023.

 “We have on numerous occasions written and reported the incessant attacks on our supporters, several of whom have sustained severe injuries and many others fled their homes. Our district Chairman in Kailahun district and his executives are presently in hiding and others nursing their injuries, while our supporters and executive members in Bonthe district are being pursued and forced to declare their support for the SLPP,” the statement reads

The party noted that in the past two days, those attacks have heightened, particularly in Pujehun and Bo districts.

The party further claimed that a day slated for APC campaign in Bo, its supporters were attacked while they converged at their party office and Abraham Joe Deoud, a known supporter and erstwhile local council aspirant of the party, was dragged off his motor bike, mercilessly beaten by SLPP thugs mobilized by Kobba Musa, the mayoral candidate of the SLPP, and thereafter carted away by the SLPP hoodlums to the police station where he is presently detained without any medical attention.

The party noted in its presser that with intention to attack and burn down more houses overnight, the SLPP thugs in Bo had burnt down two houses including vehicles and motorbikes of APC supporters in Bo.

“In recent video footages of President Bio, captured while he was campaigning in the South East, the President stated, in his local language, that he and his security forces would not be everywhere, at all times, and called on his people to protect themselves. His wife, Madam Fatima Bio, had similarly called on south-easterners not to allow the APC exist in the south- east. True to these calls, the SLPP supporters have attacked us and disrupted our campaigns”.

APC stated it cannot and would not protect its supporters, just like the President said, “We are also calling on our supporters to protect themselves, their families and their properties against this wanton attacks by the SLPP”.


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