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In police versus police murder trial…

OSD accused testifies

By Hassan G. Koroma

As the defence in the ongoing murder trial at the High Court involving two police officers opens their case, the first defence witness and accused person, Christopher Sheriff Kamara, yesterday told the court how he shot the deceased, Alie Fayandi, 32.

The accused, an Operational Security Division (OSD) officer formerly attached at the Casino Leone at Aberdeen, told the court that on 9th June, 2013, at about 7:30pm, while on duty at the Casino Leone at Aberdeen, some area boys started provoking and calling him names including that he was not competent to be a police personnel, while they threatened to remove his uniform and take his gun and shoot him, although he gave them deaf ears.

He said that at around 2:30am on 10thJune, 2013, he was at the post when a man on a motorbike approached him and informed that some boys were at the other Casino down the beach stealing mobile phones and other items from people.

He said he entered the Casino and informed the Chief Security Officer about the information from the biker and asked him to call the patrol team, before returning to his duty post.

He said that five minutes later, he heard voices of boys from the other Casino breaking pints on the street coming towards him, and he went back to the Chief Security Officer and urged him to call the patrol team but the latter told him not to worry and again promised to do so, before he again went back to his duty post.

He said that not too long, he saw a large crowd of boys coming towards him calling his name with threats that if they met him at his post, they would disarm and shoot him. He said the boys held cutlasses and bottles, so he had to order them to stop and use the other way, but they did not and kept moving towards him. In response, he said he released a warning shot in the air, vertically.

He said that pandemonium ensued and he then saw the deceased emerge from the crowd, walking towards him, and that he ordered him to stop but he (deceased) kept moving and took out a pistol, which he aimed at him, and that in self defence he shot him on the foot but he kept moving in his direction despite persistent warning.

He continued that the rampaging boys were still trying to get hold of his gun as he stood at his post, with sixty percent of his attention focused on the deceased because he was having a gun, while forty percent was on the boys who wanted to disarm him.

He said they deceased, who had taken cover behind a car, raised his hand and tried to shoot him, and as a result he had to shoot the pistol from his hand and threatened the boys who ran away.

He said that no sooner than that, the patrol commander arrived with other police personnel and ordered him to surrender his gun over to him, but he first refused although he later gave up his gun when the patrol commander ordered his men to cork their guns in readiness.

He said he subsequently surrendered his gun albeit not before he removed the magazine to enable him give account of the number of bullets still in his possession, and that as he was about to walk away he felt a stab on his left hand side and immediately fell to ground and went into coma.

The accused is arraigned on one count charge of murder contrary to the law of Sierra Leone.

The trial continues.

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