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In Piracy matter…

Over 1,000 copies tendered in court

By Hawa Amara

Exhibit Clerk attached to the Central police station on Monday tendered a total of one thousand, one hundred and sixty (1,160) pirated Sierra Leonean movies before Magistrate Komba Kamanda of Court No.2.

In his testimony, Police Constable 9405 Mohamed Fofanah informed the court that his duty was to register all exhibits that are brought in his office.

He explained that on 16 January 2014 whilst on duty, Detective Police Constable 7655 Kamara M.D. handed over to him two old laptops, one Toshiba, an old HP Dell monitor, 5 HP colour Lazar Jet caterages, 3 HP Lazar Pro colour, one ink caterage, an old CPU, and 1,160 copies of Sierra Leonean movies, adding: “I took possession of the exhibits and registered them in the exhibit book with serial No. 8/2014.”

Also testifying, a film-maker and producer, Benjamin J. Conteh, stated that he has been producing films for the past seven years, and that on 11 January 2014, himself and some other producers went to the PZ old building in respect of the piracy matter but that upon their arrival, the gate was closed with chains on it.

“We however made our way into the building where we saw the first accused (Abass Kamara) handing over a pirated CD plate to one Alhassan. The accused was arrested and taken to the Victoria Park police post, and the matter was later transferred to the Central police station,” he explained.

The accused persons, Abass Kamara, Gibrilla Kamara and Osman Jalloh, were arraigned on four counts of conspiracy to commit felony, selling copy right properties, distributing copy right properties and infringement contrary to section 71(1) of the Copy Right Act of 2011.

The prosecution alleged that the accused on January 11, 2014 at PZ old building, Wilberforce Street, did offer to sell and distribute copy right properties without the authorization of the producers.

The matter continues.

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