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In Lungi murder trial…

Prosecution witnesses give evidence

DECEMBER 2, 2014 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

The first and second prosecution witnesses in the ongoing Lungi murder trial in the High Court gave evidence in open court yesterday as to their version of events which led to the gruesome death of the victim.

They were testifying against Fatmata Tucker, who is alleged to have murdered boyfriend Saidu Bangura at the Suffizan Guest House in Lungi, Port Loko district.

The accused was arraigned on one count of murder contrary law.

In his testimony, first prosecution witness, Lamin Kamara, a driver at African Minerals Limited, said he knew the accused and the deceased and recalled events of 6 April 2014. He said he was at Pepel when the deceased called him on phone and requested that they meet in Lungi. He said he left Pepel after work and met the deceased in Lungi, before they both went to Suffizan Guest House where the deceased booked a room to spend the night.

He said the deceased asked them to go out but the accused refused, noting that he and the deceased went on a night out at the Embassy night club.

According to the witness, the deceased returned to the guest house at around 12 midnight and left him at the night club, adding that at around 5:00am in the morning, one Mohamed Lamin Kamara knocked on his door and informed him that he had seen blood all over the body of his brother’s female friend, and that when he went to check he saw the accused lying by the step, but she refused to say a word to him.

“I tried to enter the room but a senior police officer stopped me from entering while he made a call to the Lungi police station. Later some police officers came and together we entered into the room and looked on the bed of the deceased but he was not there. I saw a spill of blood on the bed as well as on the floor and we went to the bathroom where we saw the deceased. I saw a deep cut on the neck of the deceased. I ran out of the room with panic and I was later taken to the police station where I made statement,” he explained.

Also testifying, Zainab Sesay, proprietress of Suffizan Guest House, said she knew the accused and deceased and recalled on 5 April when the deceased and accused went and booked a room at her guesthouse.

She said the deceased later informed her that he would be going to collect his brother and left. She said the deceased subsequently returned with his brother and booked a room for him.

Zainab told the court that the deceased further informed her that he would be going out with his brother, while the accused would stay behind.

According to her, the deceased and his brother returned later, only for one Mohamed Lamin Kamara to knock on her door at 4:00am to report seeing blood splattered on the body of the accused.

She said the accused confessed to have killed her boyfriend when she was asked as to what had transpired between them.

The witness testified that she then opened the door and called a certain Assistant Superintendent of Police Francis Tawah, who then called detectives to the scene and later made a statement to the police.

The matter comes up for hearing again on 9 December.

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