In Lungi murder trial…


Accused admits stabbing victim on the head

February 25, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Investigating officer Sergeant Albert Muctarr Thullah attached to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Lungi police station has told the High Court in Freetown that murder accused, Fatmata M. Tucker, admitted stabbing the deceased Saidu Bangura on the head.

Speaking after presiding judge Justice Alusine Sesay had ruled that the statement of the murder accused can be tendered in court to form part of the evidence, Sergeant Thullah recalled that he obtained the confessional statement from the accused, which was witnessed by one Inspector Joseph Kamanda Conteh on April 7, 2014.

Sergeant Thullah told the court he read the statement to the accused and explained the details to her before she appended her signature to it.

He said the accused identified the deceased, Saidu Bangura, as her boyfriend.

He said the accused told investigators that the deceased had travelled to Somalia where he had secured a job, but he returned to Sierra Leone in March 2012.

The witness further told the court that the accused informed him while being interrogated that the deceased had asked her to accompany him to Lungi, and while at the Suffizan Guest House the victim requested that they go out but she refused as she was tired.

He further testified that the accused told him she got up at around 1:00am but didn’t see the deceased, although he returned to the guest house after she called him on his phone.

The investigating officer told the court that the accused had informed him during the interrogation that she had a quarrel with the deceased as he returned to the guest house drunk.

He said the accused further stated in her statement that while in bed the deceased wanted to have sex with her but she refused, but he insisted and stabbed her with a sharp object.

He said the accused again stated in her statement that the deceased attempted to grab a cutlass to stab her, but she reached for a knife and stabbed him in the head before she ran out of the room.

He said the accused had stated in her statement that the cutlass and the knife were brought into the guest house by the deceased.

The detective said that after obtaining statement from the accused, she pleaded with him that the matter be settled at the station and not in court.

The accused, Fatmata Tucker, was arraigned on one count of murder contrary to law as the prosecutor alleged she intentionally murdered her boyfriend, Saidu Bangura, at the Suffizan Guest House in Lungi on April 6, 2014.

The matter continues on March 3.