In DJ Clef’s murder trial…


Witness says deceased was drunk after he came out of the pool

November 25, 2015 By Hawa Amara

Second Prosecution Witness in the alleged murder trial of Sydney Henry David Buckle, aka DJ Cleff, yesterday told the court that the deceased was drunk and staggering after he came out of the pool.

Abigail Sesay, who identified herself as best friends with third accused Avril Oreh Renner, said although the deceased was staggering, she saw him putting on his underpants (boxers) after he left the pool.

Ms. Samura was responding to questions while being cross-examined at the Freetown High Court presided over by Justice Alusine Sesay.

Three individuals, Baimba Moi Foray, aka LA Chocolate, an acclaimed herbalist, Foday Amara Kamara and Avril Oreh Renner, are standing trial for the alleged murder of the popular disc jockey. He disappeared after attending a pool celebrating the birthday of Ms. Renner at the home of Foray.

The witness said she was at the pool party on 22 May this year with her friends Khadija, Mummy and Delma, and that they prepared the food at the Aberdeen home of the first accused.

She said invitees started arriving at 7 pm. “I saw the deceased and other people unknown to me. I served the food while Khadija and others served drinks. The 1st accused designed one of the rooms like an office, where only his friends were allowed and drinks were served by him,” she testified.

Ms. Samura explained that they jumped into the pool when the birthday celebrant, third accused Avril Renner, announced that it was time to swim.

“Myself and the third accused came out of the pool and attempted to enter the first accused house but he and the second accused stopped us because we were wet,” said the witness.

She revealed that she later served pepper soup to invitees, including the deceased, adding that not too long after, one Tunde Scott and Claudius started calling the name of the deceased and urged him to come out of the pool.

“He indeed came out of the pool but I did not see where he went to. I went to the security post waiting for Tunde and others to go home. I later thought of saying goodbye and thank you to the first and third accused persons. I again went to the pool but only saw the third accused, the first accused was not present” she said.

The witness said Tunde Scott continued to shout the name of the deceased without getting an answer, adding that “Claudius told Tunde that perhaps the deceased had gone home.”

However, she said the deceased was not at his residence when they returned from the party.

She said after two days, a friend called Delma messaged her that someone had gotten missing at the party, adding that on 4 June, the third accused and some Police Officers came to her house and invited her to make a statement at the Police Station.

“On our way to the Criminal Investigations Department, the third accused told me to delete the pictures I took at the party,” she said.