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IGR, Oxfam launch 2020 SDI report on health & education

March 25, 2021

By Yusufu S. Bangura

World Bank Country Manager, Gayle Martin officially launching the report

With funding from World Bank, the Institute for Governance Reform (IGR), in collaboration with Oxfam Sierra Leone, Parliamentarians has yesterday launched the 2020 Service Delivery Index (SDI) report in health and education which title “Broadening Access and Quality in education and health in Sierra Leone.”

In his presentation at the launching ceremony which took place at Parliament Committee Room 1, Tower Hill in Freetown, Executive Director of IGR, Andrew Lavali, said the SDI 2020 targets the state of health and education service in all parliamentary constituencies and local government units in the country.

He said the SDI 2020 would  marked the start of an ambitious project with goal for ordinary Sierra Leoneans to see, understand and support the government’s delivery of health and education services, especially within a COVID-19 health emergency context.

“This 2020 SDI is a baseline for citizens’ monitoring of the allocation, delivery and improvement in the quality of Sierra Leone’s health and education service. With funding from World Bank’s Global partnership for Social Accountability, Oxfam and IGR are working with the government to ensure that ordinary Sierra Leoneans see, understand and support the government’s delivery of health and education especially in a health emergency context,” he said.

The Executive Director said the project supports the delivery of Sierra Leone’s current national development plan 2019-2023, which will look at the delivery of basic health and education services as fundamental building blocks to economic and social empowerment of all households across the country, adding that Sierra Leone has made considerable progress in improving health and education over the past years.

He said Sierra Leone is ranked 151 out of 157 countries in the recently Human Capital Index survey and poverty rates in the rural areas are more than twice as high as in urban areas.

He added that the 2020 SDI will also provide a basis for organizing citizens for greater advocacy around improved health and education in Sierra Leone.

Lavali said the 2020 SDI measures the performance of all the 16 districts and the 132 constituencies in Sierra Leone on the delivery, as well as improvements in delivery between the Ebola period and the COVID-19 pandemic.

 He said data was collected from five primary schools that were selected from the 2019 school census data and three health centres in every constituency.

He said during the survey, citizens said there is more progress in education with 67.4% than health with 51%, adding that the highest ranking districts that have access to health and education were Western Urban with 68.0%, Bo 62.85 and Western Rural with 62.8%.

He added that the most challenging districts that do not have access to health and education were Falaba with 55.8%, Koinadugu with 55.7% and the ore-mining Tonkolili district with 55.5%.

Launching the 2020 SDI report, World Bank Country Manager, Gayle Martin said the launching of the report was very timely because its looks at the key area of  President Bio’s agenda, adding that it will help the parliamentary committee on health and education to know how to discuss the report presented to them.

She said the World Bank was happy to partnering with IGR and Oxfam on social development and accountability, adding that the World Bank country partnership framework that was launched in 2020 focuses on areas that were also identified in the 2020 SDI report. 

She added that the key areas covered by the 2020 SDI report- health and education were affected greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that to address the challenges mentioned in the report will help recover the systems and eradicate the impact on the poor households.

She said the SDI will help reverse the human capital loss caused by the pandemic.

“We will continue to partner with IGR and Oxfam to make sure that Sierra Leone be a better place for everyone. I want to thank IGR and Oxfam for their great work and also thank the parliamentarians for being part of the launching ceremony,” she said.

Some Parliamentarians also made statement during the launching ceremony of the 2020 Service Delivery Index.

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