IAMTECH Gets New SU President


September 3, 2019

Emmanuel K. Kanu, the new man at the helm of student affairs

Students of the Institute of Advanced Management and Technology (IAMTECH), an affiliate of Njala University on Friday August 30, 2019 elected Emmanuel K. Kanu, a final year student pursuing a bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) as their students union president.

Emmanuel K. Kanu won the election after securing 1,005 votes- representing 85%, whilst his opponent, Tamba Pewah was only able to pull 159 votes.

The election on Friday brought to an end the one year in office of Sheriff Bangura and his executive, who many claimed did very little to uplift the status of students on campus.

In his victory message, Emmanuel K. Kanu thanked the college administration for according them the opportunity to participate in student union politics.

He assured that the welfare of students on campus, amongst other things, will be top on his agenda and called for collective effort to ensure that is achieved.

“You make no mistake in voting me as your president. I assure you all that I will be a president for everyone irrespective of where you belong. My government will represent the college both nationally and internationally,” he said and pledge his loyalty to the college administration and the general student body.

He described the electioneering process as free, fair and transparent and credible and urged his colleague to work with him for greater success.

Earlier, Chief Electoral Commissioner, Amidu Ibrahim Dumbuya, told Concord Times that the whole process was free from violence as polling stations were opened from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

He disclosed that a total of 1,183 students voted and that 19 of those votes were invalid.

The commissioner congratulated the winner of the election and thanked the university administration for giving him the opportunity to serve in such a capacity.

Some students said the low voter turnout was as a result of the election being held after the closure of the academic year. They urged the college administration to consider holding future elections before the closure of college.