“I will transform Bramaia into a hub of development”


April 13, 2017 By Joseph S. Margai

Mr. Mohamed Bramaia Dumbuya: new hope for the people of Kukuna town

Aspiring candidate for the paramount chieftaincy election in the  recently de-amalgamated Bramaia Chiefdom , Kambia district, northern Sierra Leone, Mohamed Bramaia Dumbuya, has promised to transform the chiefdom into a hub of development, when he shall have been elected into office.

He made the above promise during an exclusive interview with Concord Times at his residence in Kukuna town, Bramaia chiefdom, Kambia district.

It could be recalled that Bramaia chiefdom was divided into two during the de-amalgamation process undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Already, many aspirants have expressed their intentions to vie for the paramount chieftaincy position, and the leading one, Mohamed Bramaia Dumbuya, has put plans in place that would lead to the development of one of the ‘remotest’ chiefdoms in the country.

He told Concord Times that he decided to vie for the position because he wanted to better the lives of indigenes of the chiefdom.

.He cited the lack of electricity supply in the chiefdom as one of the challenges faced by residents but promised to lobby government to extend the direly needed facility to that part of the country.

“We have acute shortage of water in Kukuna town, among other problems. The only source of our drinking is a nearby stream which is over one mile away from Kukuna. I will address this problem if I attain the position of a paramount chief,” he said.

 He promised to prioritize education and agriculture when elected paramount chief.

He disclosed that there was no fuel station in the entire township but stated that he has established one with a mini supermarket so that pedestrians would have a place to buy essential items whenever they visit Kukuna.

 He noted that the prices for most of the items sold at his supermarket were the same to those in Freetown.

“I am currently constructing four guest houses which will be used to accommodate strangers,”he promised, adding that he would do everything in his powers to transform Bramaia into a centre of attraction.

Mr. Dumbuya said the chiefdom is predominantly inhabited by Muslims with no standard mosque to accommodate worshippers , adding that he has recently constructed a mosque and installed solar energy for the Muslim population.

 “Many people used to go to Kambia town and Freetown to buy building materials but I have opened a big shop here which contains food stuff, mattresses, among other items. The helps I have been rendering the people have urged them to call on me to vie for the paramount chieftaincy position,” he said.