“I will ensure APC retains power”


 February 6, 2017

Former Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Rutile Limited has stated that he will ensure that the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) retains power for the third consecutive times.

John Bono Sisay (JBS) made the above assertion during a tour to key provincial districts in the northern part of Sierra Leone.

A former business mogul, Sisay recently resigned from his private life to enter into full blown politics.

Addressing a teeming crowd of supporters, Sisay said his familiarisation tour of the length and breadth of the country was directed  at addressing a number of critical social issues relating to the ordinary man and woman across the country.

In all of the districts he visited, the former business executive provided micro credit and scholarships, among several other goodies.

Mr. Sisay said people should enter into politics well prepared, noting that politics is not a child’s play.

In another engagement, he was vocal that the Presidency of Sierra Leone should not be left in the hands of those who cannot live up to the expectations of the common man and woman in the streets, who were the main custodians of political power.

Following the path of President Ernest Bai Koroma, JBS said the next leader of the country should be able to measure up to the point that people will not notice any gap in President Koroma’s leadership and legacy.

He reiterated that presidency must be interwoven around very serious business that sees the leader dealing with the lives of millions of people, with their welfare being held sacrosanct.

“The people’s interest must be placed with utmost seriousness. If power goes into the hands of a leader without political and economic development passion, the ordinary people will suffer,” he said.

In a bid to cushion the constraints of ordinary citizens, especially people loyal to the ruling All Peoples Congress, John Bonoh Sisay provided over Le600 million as micro credit loans and scholarships to vulnerable groups.

Mr. Sisay said people should be responsible to be people of Sierra Leone.

“It is obvious that several people will aspire for the leadership of my party. The fact remains that not all will be able to sustain the legacies of the President,” he said, adding that those who were serious to replace the President should come out of their comfort zones and address the problems of the people.