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‘’I will change the narrative of Big Sister Reality TV Show” -Says contestant Mariama Olive Conteh

October 25, 2021

By Elizabeth A. Kaine    

One of the contestants of the upcoming 2021 Big Sister Reality TV Show, Mariama Olive Conteh, has noted that this year’s reality show would be the best ever and that she is ready to change the narratives of the show.

“As a student who have been entertaining people around and a pupil of the Annie Walsh that have been involved  in public speaking and drama groups, I believe that with my ambition, empowerment skills and passion for entertaining, educating and be able to live with different groups of people, I will be the winners for this year’s show,’’ she noted.

Big Sister Salone is Sierra Leone’s first reality TV show. It’s an all-women empowerment show, which brings together young women from Sierra Leone and those from within the sub-region to share their stories, skills, and displays of African tradition.

The Big Sister Reality TV Show had had two winners-including the popular China Nicky but little has been showcase for the previous winners. In the  last  year’s show,Bona, a Sierra Leone based in the US and also a professional dance trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years, emerged as the winner and took home the sum of USD50 thousand (SLL 500 million).

For Conteh,she is not going there only for the money but to be empowered and also be able to showcase her talent as a young lady.

She stated that although a lot of people have their own opinion about the show, she is going there to change the narrative of the show as she has always wanted to be part of a platform like that.

Mariama continue by saying that although people across the country and different parts of the world have their own mindset about the show, she believe that the show is a way of challenging women and showcasing their hidden talents, which, they themselves have no ideal about.

‘’I am going there to showcase my talent as I have a lot of potentials in me and can be best displayed in a platform like Big Sister Reality TV show. I will show the world what I am made of. People across the country and different parts of the world have their mindset about the show but for a young lady like me, who   just finished high school, I feel like it a challenge to me that I should showcase my hidden talent,” she said.

She also noted that women should not always depend on others but try to improve themselves, stating that one of the things that motivated her to be part of the big sister show was that she has a lot of talent that she wanted to showcase.

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