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‘I want to make Sierra Leone most business friendly destination’

…Lawyer Kalokoh

July 19, 2016 By Victoria Saffa

Lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh, one of many flag bearer aspirants for ruling All Peoples Congress (APC), has indicated his determination to transform Sierra Leone into the most friendly business destination in the world.

Lawyer Kalokoh was speaking from the United State of America to this reporter about his aspiration to lead the ruling APC to victory in the 2018 presidential election.

He acknowledges that Sierra Leone was recently ranked as the tenth friendly country to do business, but that more needs to be done, adding that the country has no business being poor, with thousands seeking greener pastures because it is potentially very rich.

He said that the country needed to diversify her economy instead of depending only on the extractive industry. “Depending on the extractive industry alone makes us vulnerable to economic shock. We need to invest in the agricultural sector, fisheries and tourism as these sectors bring more foreign exchange to the country,” he averred.

“We are a nation with huge arable land but we also need to do it taking into cognisance the benefit the country will derive from this sector. Agriculture is among the largest employing sectors in the world and if Sierra Leone could only embarked on that sector it will reduce the unemployment, create new jobs and reduce migration to the city, Freetown, that is now very much congested,” he said.

He said tourism has the potential to create employment, attract more tourists into the country, who in turn will bring more foreign exchange. “We also need to improve our fisheries sector taking into account the amount of revenue this sector will generate for the country,” he urged.

Lawyer Kalokoh said that as a country, we need to work to improve these areas, taking from where the current administration and moving forward.  “These are my plans for Sierra Leone and the reason I am contesting for the leadership of the party and eventually winning the presidency,” he said.

“We need to be united as a country and as a people because only by this we will be able to build and develop the country. Sierra Leone is among beautiful places to stay, do business and prosper. Winning the party’s leadership means I have to work hard to win the presidency in 2018 and with support from my people I will work to develop the country,” he said.

The lawyer, who plies his trade in the United States, said he was sure of wining the leadership of the APC. “I am a strong member of the party and I continue to support the activities of the party even though I stay outside the country. APC is the best party for a prosperous Sierra Leone and the reason why I am aspiring for the position to lead the party. I also continue to support various organisations back home in Sierra Leone for no gain in return. My contribution is enormous to both the country and the party and I believe I stand a chance to lead the party at this material point in time,” he said.

Kalokoh, 49, and has practiced law for over twenty three years. He was also a lecturer at the Law Department, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He currently resides in the United State, but return to the country very soon to start his campaign.

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