“I want to change the system & fight against tribalism”


April 11, 2017 

Prince E.L Koroma being held high on the shoulders of supporters


Prince E.L Koroma, who is currently aspiring for symbol to contest the 2018 parliamentary election under the main opposition Sierra Leones Peoples Party (SLPP) in Constituency 110, Western Area Urban, has over the weekend told his ardent supporters that he was coming into the race not because he wanted to enrich himself but to change the system and fight against tribalism, as well as promote education especially for the girl child.

Pel Koroma, once a leading columnist for Concord Times Communications writing under the famous ‘Mogbindi Echo’ column, made the above statement while donating fifty (50) bags of cement and two truck load of sand to the Hill Top Community School on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Demonstrating his love for children and his utmost zest to promote education, the columnist and humanitarian, who has now turned politician, provided some token to over 30 pupils selected from various schools in the constituency.

While addressing a jubilant crowed of suppoters, he observed that citizens were struggling with the current trend in the country, and reiterated that he was coming to change the system because things were not working well for both the women folks and children.

“We are struggling in this country. I want us to change the system; it is not working well for our women, and everyone. I hate to see our women folks breaking stones to feed and pay school fees for their children. It’s very saddened for us in this country,” he said.

He noted that he has lived in the constituency for over 30 years, staying and struggling together with the people, hence saw it as his duty to contribute to the development of the area.

He categorically told the marmot gathering of agile supporters that he has been to the school on several occasions since 2011, thus reminding them that it was not politics that brought him to the school but the passion he has for education.

“I care for everyone in this community because you have worked for me.You have been the wind in my wings. If it were not you, I would not be here today.  It is not politics that brought me to this school. I have been coming to this school since 2011.Whenever I have little opportunity, I have helped them and I will continue to do so,” he said.

As usual, Pel Koroma called for peace and unity not only in the SLPP but also among the general citizenry, noting that it was only peace that would keep the country growing and ensure harmony among all and sundry in the country.

He told the gathering that the donation to the school was made possible through contributions from himself and his wife-using their meagre monthly salary to contribute in providing a healthy and decent learning environment for children to acquire education.

He urged the pupils and young people to learn something that would earn them their living in the future.

“Today we are donating 50 bags of cement to this school. When I entered these class rooms the other day, I shed tears. I asked myself whether this school is in the capital due to its deplorable condition. This school is ours and we have to develop it,” he said.

He urged the constituents not to look at him as a politician but as their own brother and son, who has a genuine intention to move the constituency forward.

He vowed to continue and complete the good work he had started doing in the constituency, adding that he must ensure that he  make a mark in the constituency.

“I want to stand for you my people. I want you to believe in me. I am not promising anyone but by God’s grace I will come back to you. I want to go to parliament to represent you this time round. I want you to help me and support me,” he urged.

Pel Koroma,as he is commonly known by many in the media and elsewhere, lamented the dangers of tribalism, referring to it as a complete menace that everybody should frown at , as it has sharply divided the country.

“I want us to fight against tribalism. It is killing us in this country. Please let stop to vote on tribal lines. We don’t have different prices in the market for different tribes; we don’t have different school fees for different tribes in the country; all of us are paying the same fees and buying goods at the same prices,” he said, questioning, why people come to tell electorates to vote them because they are Limbas or Mendes?

The meeting was graced by the SLPP Zonal Chairman- Solomon Raymond Koroma, Constituency Women’s Leader-Marian Gloria Kallon, Community Chief, Balansama Marrah and the Hill Top Community School Board Chairman-Sheka Kargbo.

The School Board Chairman,Sheka Kargbo showered praises on Mr.Koroma for the goodies, noting that the school  which constitutes both primary and Secondary,  was in dire need of such support.