“I owe no apology for leaving the SLPP”


July 14, 2017 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Franklin Rogers making a statement at APC office

Former  flag bearer aspirant  of the Sierra Leone Peoples party (SLPP) Franklin Rogers , who recently defected to the ruling All Peoples Congress Party (APC),has during his unveiling at the party’s head office on Railway Line, stated that he owes no apology to the SLPP for leaving them .

 “I owe no apology for leaving the SLPP.My thought of coming over to the APC is based on my ideal discretion,” Mr. Franklin Rogers said.

He disclosed that he had resigned from the SLPP since June 1st, 2017, but kept mute over it while working behind the scenes to acquire a membership card at the APC, adding that he decided to cross over to work with the party and help complement the developmental strides of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

“The love for his country and his visionary leadership is what makes me to be part of the party,” Rogers said, adding that President Koroma puts the country first above anything else as he doesn’t have any boundary to help others.

 “I have come to help President Koroma in building this country.”

He further stated that the All People’s Congress Party has manifested extreme political  tolerance and that it was  always opened  and ready to accept all and sundry into their fold.

“I will not disappoint the APC as a party and this is my last stop in politics,” he assured party supporters and stalwarts.

He noted that he was very confident in the APC, unlike other political parties, which, he said were hostile to criticism and did not encourage competition.

“If you criticise anybody in the SLPP, they will stab you. They will even kill you,” he claimed.

Officially welcoming Mr. Franklin Rogers, National Secretary -General of the APC Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh said, “We are happy to welcome Mr. Rogers and we will give him all the opportunities in our party.

“On behalf of the chairman and Leader of the All peoples Congress party, we want to heartily welcome you into our great party.”

Speaking on behalf of the APC women’s wing, Zainab Sheriff welcomed Mr. Rogers and pleaded with her colleagues to give him all the support he needs.

“We are proud of him. He is intelligent, diligent, hardworking and industrious,”Mrs. Sheriff said.

Resident Minister South and Regional Chairman, Southern Region of the APC, Muctarr Conteh, in closing the programme said that “we are very, very happy to welcome Rogers especially for us in the APC Southern Region as this will be a big boost for us and the party as a whole.