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“I inherited entrepreneurship from my mother”

motivational Speaker and Business Consultant

September 27, 2017 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma


The chief Executive Officer of H and S Recruitment has in an exclusive interview with concord Times disclosed that he gained his entrepreneurship inspiration from his parent.

“I saw my mother doing business for my family to survive. So, I had this passion for business and as a single parent, doing business helped a family of four “Sulaiman Phoray-Musa said.

That is most likely how most people learn about entrepreneurship. Many people buy into their parents’ businesses, whether it’s a restaurant or a shop. Simply put, when a new generation takes over an existing business, they tend to add their own spin to it. For example, those taking over their parents’ restaurant may have different and more stylish ideas for advertising or attracting new customers, such as hanging a neon sign outside the bar. However, this is not the case for everyone. Many individuals can learn how to run a business from their parents, but they may not be able to acquire it because it is not large enough. As a result, entrepreneurs like Sulaiman Phoray-Musa, have to start their businesses from scratch.

Sulaiman Phoray -Musa said he was a science student and that when he wrote his West African Examinations Council (WASSCE), he did well in subjects areas including Economics.

“My stepfather, who was a paramount chief, took me to a university professor and wanted me to study medicine but the professor advised him that I should venture into Economics, stating that the wind of globalisation and enterpreurship is blowing around the world,” he said.

He stated that he graduated with an economics degree and started working in the banking sector, but felt that something was still missing, hence decided to start his own business to help his country.

“After leaving the bank, I got my benefit and ventured into opening my own business. I initially failed because I didn’t have the capacity to run a business then, so I started searching on the internet for courses on entrepreneurship. Fortunately for me, I came across a scholarship at the Catholic university in Milan on entrepreneurship,” he narrated.

He added that as part of the requirement for the program, one was required to submit a topic, stating that he looked at the unemployment issue in Sierra Leone and how he could mitigate it.

He stated that through his topic, he created a business on his own- a recruitment agency to help average Sierra Leoneans, thus creating employment opportunity for househelps ,nannies ,cooks, cleaners ,office assistants ,and drivers.

“Having finished my MBA, I did a quick survey and drafted a few questions around issues in the homes. As a person with a background in monitoring and evaluation, I found out that most people from my analysis 85% wanted trained nannies and experienced people to be in their homes,” he stated.

Mr.Musa said through his recruitment agency, he has created employment opportunities for fifty Sierra Leonean youth in the country, working in different communities as domestic servants.
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“As part of the checks and balances, I do a background check by asking people in their communities including pastors, imams and other community heads to know the credibility of the individual,” he said.

He said he has a data base of over 2,000 employable youth, viable people and their phone numbers, addresses and referee among others.

“I now go in search of client via Social media, fliers, adverts, billboards, schools to advertise my recruitment agency.”

The CEO said it is very challenging and difficult to start a business of such nature in Sierra Leone, especially when one does not have the capital, adding that many people in the country have very good ideas and good dreams, but the problem is how to start a business.

“Due to my entrepreneur idea, I won the best MBA in a competition organised by Unimak for entrepreneurs in August, 2016, adding that the competition was to showcase the various businesses in Sierra Leone by indigenous entrepreneurs.

He observed that white collar jobs do not pay, stating that “when you work for somebody, you are working on other person’s vision and at the end of the day you’re going to retire”.

“Let’s stop searching for jobs. Rather, we should be job creators and change the mentality of relying on government for job,” he urged.

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