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‘I delivered bags of money to Dr.Sarrah Bendu’

-Errand Boy testifies

March 17, 2020

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Alimamy Bangura, an errand boy to one Kepiatu Alghali, former National Revenue Authority (NRA) Officer at the Queen Elizabeth Quay, yesterday testified in court that on dates unknown in 2017, he  delivered bags chock-full  with money to the former Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA), Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu and Victor Labor, Procurement Manager in the same institution.

In his testimony in the High Court presided by Justice Cosmostina Jarrett, the witness who introduced himself as former errand boy to one Kepiatu Alghali, said he knows both accused and recalled making statement to the Anti-Corruption Commission in Freetown.

He told the court that in 2017 he met his former boss (Kepiatu Alghali) at Lungi, Port Loko District, where she gave him two big  (Ghana must Go) bags full with money, to be delivered to the accused persons.

He said he traveled to Freetown and went to the office of Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu and delivered the said bag of money to her, while he proceeded to the second accused at Kennedy Street Cemetery road and gave him the other bag.

He said on other date at Queen Elizabeth Quay, Kepiatu Alghali also gave him two other bags of the same kind size to be delivered to both accused persons, adding that he went to Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu’s residence at the back of America Embassy and delivered one bag to her through her daughter, while he also went to the office of the second accused and delivered the other bag.

He further told the court that on other date also, he was given a bag to be delivered to the second accused, but couldn’t see him, adding that he later gave the money to one Mr. Momoh, as instructed by his boss.

The Anti-Corruption Commission, on 12th September, 2019, filed an indictment against Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu, former Executive Director, Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA), Victor Labor, Procurement Manager and Kepiatu Alghali, former National Revenue Authority (NRA) Officer; on various counts of Misappropriation of Public Funds,  Conspiracy to Commit a Corruption Offence,  Failure to Comply with Applicable Procedures and Guidelines Relating to the Tendering of Contracts, and Failure to Comply with the Applicable Procedures and Guidelines Relating to the Management of Public Funds, contrary to Section 48(2)(b) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008.

The prosecution alleges that all accused between January 2016 and December 2017,  conspired to defraud the State of a total sum of two billion and ninety one million, seven hundred and thirty-six thousand five hundred and twenty Leones, eighty eight cents (Le2, 091,736,520.88).

The also alleges that accused persons, with intent to defraud the State, inflated customs duties, and payments for related services, and used the bank accounts of Centrum and KABS Clearing and Forwarding Agencies, and funneled monies in the guise of clearing two trucks and holographic windshield labels.

The prosecution furthers the transfer and receipt of each payment, the management of Centrum and KABS, on some occasions, directly transferred the funds to Kepiatu ALGHALI’s account and on other occasions, they withdrew the monies and handed over to Kepiatu Alghali shared the monies with various employees of the SLRSA, including Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu and Victor Labor and others.

 Matter  continues.

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