“I am the next President of Sierra Leone”


…Says Chief Sam-Sumana

January 17, 2018

Chief Sam-Sumana is hopeful of becoming president

Former Vice President Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana  has expressed optimism that he would be the next president of Sierra Leone after the March 7 presidential election.

Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana was Speaking to Concord Times in an exclusive interview in which he described the ruling APC Party’s Agenda for Prosperity as ‘horrible.’

Chief Sam-Sumana, who was sacked by President Ernst Bai Koroma on 17th March 2015 for “seeking asylum from a foreign embassy, demonstrating a willingness to abandon his duties and office as Vice President,” charged that there is nothing prosperous about the most trumpeted Agenda for Prosperity.

He added that when the APC assumed power in 2007, “we had a bustling economy and the commitment to achieve sustainable development was visible but after the 2012 elections, President Koroma was surrounded by mediocres who misled and misdirected the focus of the government.”

The former Vice President claimed that he fell-out with President Koroma when he challenged his third term bid, noting that, “I will not subscribe to his third term agenda because we took an oath to defend the dignity of the constitution. Any attempt to undermine the constitution is tantamount to undermining the development of the country.”

According to Chief Sam-Sumana, he considers the decision of President Koroma as bad for the country’s nascent democracy.

“I expect every Sierra Leonean to be more patriotic and put the country’s interest above their selfish desires,” he said, disclosing that his party’s slogan is “country first.”

In a very relaxed mood at his IMATT residence, he charged that President Koroma has deceived the people of Sierra Leone as he didn’t live up to expectations. Commenting on the status of electricity supply, the former Vice President commended the erstwhile SLPP government for introducing better policies.

He disclosed that there was a funding gap with the income electric project, which funds were assumed to be misused, emphasising that he lobbied to raise 18 million United States Dollars to rejuvenate the Bumbuna hydro-electric project.

He added that he poured the entire money into the project to make it a success, but noted that such has not been achieved.

He encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to resist the current APC Government and join him to make a better change.

He has been chosen as standard bearer of the Coalition 4 Change party.