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Husband took wife and boyfriend to court

By Jeneba A Conteh

49 year-old Clifford Amiru Dumbuya and 38-year old Christiana Gladys Roberts made another appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of the Pademba Road  Court No.1 in Freetown on six count charges, to wit two assault occasioning grievous bodily harm contrary to Section 18 of the Offences Against the Persons Act of 1861.

It was alleged that, Clifford Amiru Dumbuya, caused  Roland Lansana  Roberts grievous bodily harm and the charges were read to the accused persons, but no plea was taken.

Led in evidence by State Counsel, J. M. S. Bull, first prosecution witness, Martin Mballu, a resident of Majay Town, who is a motor bike rider, said he recognized both accused persons in the dock, noting that he had known the second accused for a very long time. 

He also indicated that he knows the complainant, Roland Lansanan Robert as his neighbour.

He recalled that on the 1st of January, 2022, he was at Majay Town when the complainant, Robert, asked that he meet him at Lumley at around 1pm  and that the  complainant later asked that they meet at a place called “Gigibonta”

“The complainant requested that we follow one jeep with my motor bike until we reached Kallon Drive. And we later moved to Aberdeen around Bintumani Hotel and branched at another junction where a man came out of a compound and had a chat with the  complainant while we left after the conversation,” he testified.

The witness added that Robert (second accused) alighted from the vehicle and shouted “Lans lef Lans lef!!!.”I put on the motor bike light and got to understand that he was chasing his wife.”  

He further narrated that the 1st accused person entered the vehicle, drove and hit a vehicle that was parked at a nearby wall. “The 1st accused took an iron and hit the complainant on his hand and head and he eventually fell down,” he testified.

The witness added that the 1st accused threatened to kill the complainant who happens to be the husband of the second accused. “The complainant fell on the ground, I and Alhaji, the driver, helped me lift the man from the ground.”

“At that point, his wife, who happens to be the second accused, picked up a stone and hit the complainant,” he told the court. 

Testifying further, the witness said the complainant became unconscious and was rushed to the emergency hospital while he- the witness, made statement to the police

During cross-examination by lawyer Elvis Kargbo, the witness stated that he didn’t know the full name of the complainant, noting that the said complainant is the husband of the second accused. 

The witness also confirmed that he and the complainant sat on the motor bike from Lumley, adding that the alleged incident took place at Aberdeen. He added that it was the complainant who requested that they go to Aberdeen.  

He also confirmed during cross-examination that the complainant, Lansana didn’t go with a vehicle. Lawyer Kargbo also put it to the witness  that one Alhaji he identified as a driver, was with a motor bike, but the witness denied. 

When lawyer Kargbo asked the witness as to whether he advised the complainant against opening the door to a vehicle where his wife was sitting, state counsel objected on the grounds that the witness is not an adviser.

 He added that the witness and three others came in front of the vehicle and hit the vehicle of the 1st accused, but the witness denied. 

Lawyer Kargbo put it to the witness that the second accused was not at the alleged crime scene, but the witness denied. 

Lawyer Kargbo requested for bail for his clients. He urged the magistrate to presume the accused persons innocent until proven guilty. He said the accused persons have reliable sureties to enter into their recognizance. However, Magistrate Sahr Kekura remanded the accused and adjourned the matter to 21st February, 2022.

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