Human traffickers get Le50m bail


July 23, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Magistrate Hannah Bonnie presiding at the Pademba Road Court No.1 yesterday granted a Le50m bail each to Alex Conteh Moi and Adama Kondeh for alleged human trafficking.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Bonnie refused bail to Shahid Mahmood, a Pakistani for fears that he might fled.

The magistrate added that each of the accused persons should be bailed by one surety each and that the bail should be approval by the Deputy Master and Registrar.

However, defense counsel F. Mansaray applied for bail on behalf of the 1st accused, but his application was rejected.

The trio were before the court on two counts of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and Human Trafficking in person contrary to Section 2(1) of the Anti-Human trafficking Act No.7 of 2005.

Police Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Ibrahim S. Mansaray alleges that the accused person on Friday 1st March 2019 and Thursday 2nd May 2019 at Masoila Lungi in the Kafu Bullom Chiefdom in Port-Loko district conspired with unknown person to traffick Falik Sher from Pakistan to Sierra Leone for the purpose of exploitation.

In count two, the accused persons on the same date and place by means of deception did recruit and traffic Falik Sher from Pakistan to Sierra Leone, through Benin, Togo and Ghana for the purpose of exploitation.

In his testimony, Detective Inspector Foday Bangura attached to the Transnational Organise Crime Unit (TOCU) headquarters at Hasting said he recognised the first accused and recalled on the 14th June 2019.

He said whilst on duty at the said station, he received a correspondent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Inspector General of Police of an alleged human trafficking against the accused persons and the document was directed to the Deputy Director of TOCU.
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He told the court that the matter was later allocated to him for further investigations and that he obtained statement from the complainant and witnesses.

He added that a team of police officers conducted a search warrant at the premises of the first accused and discovered a passport and other assorted documents which were important to the investigation.

He said on Tuesday 18th June, 2019, he and Detective Sergeant 10621 Konneh S.I   interviewed and questioned the 1st accused in English and his statement was translated to Ureu language by Amhad Sabie.

He said the statement was witnessed by Dsgt 10621 Konneh S.

“I and Detective Sergeant 10621 Konneh S.I finally interviewed and charged all the accused persons separately with the offense of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and human trafficking and the charged statement was witnessed by DPC 13975 Nannah Kamara and I signed as the recorder,” he said.

During cross examination, Defence counsel B. Bangura representing the 2nd and 3rd accused persons asked the witness why his clients were charged with the offense of conspiracy.

The witness responded that the 2nd accused provided residence for the 1st accused and they exchanged national identity card bearing the same name, adding that the 3rd accused had also exchanged documents with other suspects that are on the run.

When asked whether the 2nd and 3rd accused were involved in the movement of the complainant from Pakistan to Sierra Leone, he responded that they were not directly involved.

The matter was adjourned to Monday 29th July, 2019.