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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

HRCSL goes live on case management

By Ishmael Bayoh

The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL), with support from UNDP, over the weekend gone live with their case management system.

The case management system is a web application for managing information about human rights violations and it is exclusively used through an internet browser.

Explaining the concept of the system, the consultant Dwight Jusu from SalBATS Ltd said the case management was a multi user system with a simple access control/permission that has an audit model. He said the system allows different users to work on the case management practically for larger and distributed organizations thereby integrating a documentation system.

Mr. Jusu further explained that the case management system can give instant access to all information on individual cases and inquiries and can save time, eliminate duplication of work, reduce stress, eliminate error, increase efficiency, reduce potential liability, allow reduced handling of paper files and allow organizations to maintain a calendar and task list for staff.

Explaining the usefulness of the ‘go live’ case management, senior human rights officer, Richard Mbayo, said before the implementation of the system, HRCSL relied primarily on a manual, paper file case management system. He said this software allows complaints to be logged, easy management of case material, provision of templates for correspondence and sets reminders for follow-up actions.

“Such software would greatly assist the commission to streamline its information system, improve response time and provide better case management,” said Mr. Mbayo.

In his own contribution, Programme Manager, Access to Justice and Security Sector UNDP, Simon Ridley, said his organisation was proud to be part of the case management system as he referred to it as useful for the promotion and protection of human rights.

He said one of the core areas of the commission was complaint handling and that the ‘go live’ system will be critical in that direction.

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