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Housemate season 3 commences May 22

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Executive Board Chair of the African Young Voices Media Empire (AYV), Dr. Ezekiel Duramani Lakkoh, last Friday informed newsmen that this year’s housemate season 3 would commence on 22nd May, 2022.

“I want all Sierra Leoneans to know that the housemate season 3 reality television show would commence on Sunday 22nd May, so am calling on everyone to get ready for the reality TV show which would be non-stop entertainment for Sierra Leoneans. This show would be the biggest show ever. I also want to inform all the 60 shortlisted contestants including those in the diaspora to be at AYV office on the 22nd May together with their belongings, if not they would not be in the house,” he said. 

He said they have come a long way and that during the season 1 they promised the public to continue with the show which was now getting bigger.

 He assured the public that they would properly organise the show because they were serious about what they were doing.

Dr. Lakkoh said the reality television show was designed to empower, educate, inform, transform, and to entertain all Sierra Leoneans and the world at large, adding that it would create an international platform for young Sierra Leoneans to showcase their talents.

He said the show would also help them to get global audience and helps companies in the country to be able to get brand wave so that people outside the country would be able to know what and what was happening  in Sierra Leone in terms of availability.

He added that they have got so many sponsors like ACTB, Chicken Town, XPression, Sora Cosmetic, among others, and added that they have received three international sponsors to help them boost the show.

“We need more money, more sponsors, so we need everyone to come onboard to support housemate season 3 reality TV shows,” he pleaded.

In his own statement, Manager of Event and Sponsorship at Africell Mobile Company, Abdul Aziz Kamara, said their aim was to always create platform for Sierra Leoneans to showcase their talent and that season 3 would be greater for them.

“I want to re-echo our commitment to making sure that people across the world watch and participate during the housemate by voting for their contestants as we know we have 60 so voting is ongoing for us to have those that would make it to the house and everyone is included to participate. We have created another way for people to vote wherein they can log in to www.housematesl.com  or www.africell.com and the vote would cost Le1000 per each vote,” he said.

He called on all Sierra Leoneans to support their contestants and reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting AYV to create more platforms for Sierra Leoneans and hope to receive more sponsors from other partners.

Speaking on behalf of sponsors, Chief Executive Officer for Call to Business, David Kamara said institutions were pleased to receive AYV’s sponsorship because many young Sierra Leoneans voices had been heard across the world, so they also wanted to contribute to those voices and that they were proud to see institutions ready to sponsor housemate season 3.

He said for the past two years now they have been partnering with AYV to host the housemate season 1 and 2, and that season 3 would be much greater than the previous ones because they have attracted good brands to the housemate.

Mr. Kamara said in Sierra Leone they were not just looking at business brands, but also looking at institutional brands that have strong nationalistic happenings in terms of messaging and their outlooks in Sierra Leone.

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