House of Hope feeds street beggars


August 29, 2018

By Ibrahim Tarawallie 

Madam Fatmata Sillah shares cooked food to beggers

House of Hope Segbwema, a charitable organisation, has provided cooked food, drinks and other items to beggars around Magazine Cut on Kissy Road and Cotton Tree.

It is not the frst time the founder and chief executve officer of the organisation, Fatmata Sillah, is doing such humanatarian gesture to those that cannot afford it.

Because of the urge to cater for the chilren and the less fortunate, Madam Sillah had undertaken so many humanitarian activities across the country, using her own meager resources.

“The objective of the organisation is to reach out to the needy, poor and under privileged with goodies at all times. I decided today to reach out to you in celebrating my birthday with food and other items. I will continue to visit you to give you my own little support,” she said.

Madam Sillah regards herself as a fighter and an advocate for the progress and development of children and the poor in society, which is why she is seeking support so that she can do more.

She assured the beneficiaries that they are not alone in their daily struggles to eke out a living, find clothing and shelter, adding that she will be visiting at some point with other support.

“My heart and mind is with you always. This will surely not be the last time I will visit you,” Madam Sillah assured.

The elated beneficiaries praised her for the goodies, especially the food, as some of them said they had not eaten anything since morning.

“We are very grateful to you madam for this help. We appreciate it so much and we hope you will continue because we are in dire need of such support,” they said in a joyous mood.

The organisation continues to receive recognition and commendation from those that have benefited from their generocity across the country for the past six years.