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Hong Kong Covid-19: This is what happens when you test positive

“I think the worst part is not knowing when I’ll be able to get out,” he said. “You’re almost feeling you are back at school, with controlled wake-up and bedtime, (and) not being able to control what you can eat.”

On December 19, Chan flew to Hong Kong from London to start a new job.

Chan said he was fully vaccinated with a booster shot and had tested negative for Covid-19 several times before his flight. He was mentally prepared for quarantine, but not for what happened next, he said.

On arrival in Hong Kong, Chan took a mandatory Covid-19 test and waited hours at the airport. His result was determined “preliminary positive,” meaning he was required to take another test. He was then moved to a cordoned-off area with a makeshift bed.

“It was definitely a bit of a shell shock,” Chan said.
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“Having done so many tests in the week leading up to my flight, and all of them came back negative…

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