HON. Koyo supports local football with Le43 million


Hon. Alieu Ibrahim Kamara commonly known as Honorable Koyo of Constituency 122 has donated an estimated 43 million Leones for the unveiling of football jerseys for two community football teams- the Fourah Bay and Kossoh Tong Communities football teams in the Western Area Urban of east end Freetown.

The two football squad, both in his constituency, were visited by the honorable on Saturday and Sunday respectively, with the Fourah Bay FC receiving 24 million in cash and purchase of jerseys for the players and supporters on Saturday 27th August 2022 at Bethel Primary School Hall on Easton Street, and the Kossoh Tong FC receiving 19 million in cash and the purchase of football jerseys for players and supported on Sunday 28th, August 2022 at Sulaimania Municipal School on Forster Street.

Manager of the Fourah Bay Community FC and the national under 17 team, Salim Pokowa, fondly known as TM Mutu stated that “this was an historic donation because no MP from his constituency has showed this much support in resources and encouragement like Hon. Koyo has done.

The players, coaching staff and the community are happy to see this level of commitment and support for something that brings people in his community together even with the everyday challenges and hardship they face.” In both opening statements, the parliamentarian started by thanking the communities for their relentless support and faith in him.

He shared his love for football and also educated the youths on the history of football within their respective communities, and how football was a game of love thus, they should support and play with love. He further encouraged them to be peaceful when they win and when they lose; “no one should incite any form of violence or abuse towards another, there is no place for that in this game” stated the MP.

In losing, he echoed the need for football to be supported in these communities, “these are football communities and they are using it as a vehicle to change the mindset of young people, source of income and livelihood, and community development.

“- Hon. Koyo The Fourah Bay and Kossoh Tong communities are dressed by poverty, prostitution, drugs and alcohol abuse, and many in this  communities see this as a way for their children to avoid the gloom fate many face. Junior Fry-Fry, team manager for the Kossoh Tong FC team, expressed that “keeping young people engaged and out of trouble so they don’t turn to drugs, theft and other activities that could be detrimental to their future and development should be a priority for any leader that wants to represent our people. Hon. Koyo has always showed up for this sport, the youths and for the community.”

The MP pledged a 100 New Leones for every goal scored and will continue to provide financial support for tournaments or when he is needed. Earlier this year, he sponsored a community football gala competition in the popular Maballay football field in the Magazine community; paid for the whole competition including, but not limited to the purchase of jerseys for the teams and provisions for all teams, including the coaching staff.

Hon. Koyo will be supporting another football team in the Magazine community as he continues to create different ways of engaging and supporting the youths in marginalised communities.